Create One-Time Charge

Clicking the Create One-Time Charge button at the top of the Payment Administration page opens a page on which you can create a new transaction.
Make sure the Gateway Mode is set to Live
Enter the amount in the field next to the $ and optional memo. Enter the name as it appears on the credit card or bank account, the street address and ZIP code. The city and state will be automatically entered, based on the ZIP code. Click the appropriate tab to choose either Credit Card or Bank Account and complete the information. Click Create Charge at the bottom of the window.


Suggestions for using Create One-Time Charge:

  • In the context of the Event Registration Tool, this feature can be useful for adding activity fees for people who have already registered. Perhaps a registrant needs to purchase another T-shirt, but their credit card has already been charged for their other registration fees. You can add a T-shirt to their registration record in CDM+ Event Registration and charge them using this window.
  • The Create One-Time Charge feature can be used for transactions not related to Web Ministry Tools, as well. The interface is a direct link to your Stewardship Technology merchant account.