Set Gateway Mode

In the upper right corner of any Payment Administration page, a box displays the current setting of your payment Gateway ModeLive or Test. The mode shown here will affect the functions accessed on the Payment Administration page, including the types of transaction records you search and the way you process payments through the Create One-Time Charge button. (Setting the Gateway Mode to Test will search only transactions that were processed in Test Mode on your Event Registration and/or Giving  tool(s); set it to Live and you will search only transactions processed in Live Mode.)
Live Mode DOES NOT need to be enabled here in order to process credit cards or ACH bank accounts through your Event Registration and/or Giving tool(s). It DOES need to be enabled here in order to charge credit cards or bank accounts through the Create One-Time Chage button on the Payment Administration page.
To switch between live mode and test mode, toggle between TEST and LIVE.
This box is visible on every screen within the Payment Administration area of the WMT website.