CDM+ 9.2.13

Submitted by Alex Clay on Wed, 10/08/2014 - 22:29
Release Date
Wed, 10/08/2014


  • [CDM-735] - Add the full chart of account description to the Deposit Processing posting report
  • [CDM-859] - Enhanced COG Electronic Voting
  • [CDM-945] - Enhance the chaplain's references tab to have similar functionality as the reference tab for minister profile references
  • [CDM-1020] - Update Idaho tax tables for June 2014
  • [CDM-1151] - Allow changing the font size on barcodes on Name Badges and Check-In Reports
  • [CDM-1152] - Internal enhancements to results list on split record frames, advanced finds, and select windows
  • [CDM-1166] - When logging database connections, errors, and disconnects, include the backed process id
  • [CDM-1197] - Remove extra fields Receive Tape, Receive Video, Custom Boolean, and old Regional Hybrid customization


  • [CDM-365] - User is receiving SQL Error when attempting to Display Actions in the Administration window.
  • [CDM-532] - Adding Address Line 1 to the results columns on Ledger Entries produces a SQL error
  • [CDM-628] - The custom Certificates for the Christian Church in Kentucky are missing the field to provide an expiration date and both signature lines
  • [CDM-840] - Printing the Ledger by Accounts to the clipboard and pasting into Excel can have formatting problems
  • [CDM-855] - Logging into CDM+ Mobile causes the CDM+ database to update the mobile provision, which adds lag
  • [CDM-880] - The total number of references on the EEA tab does not exclude historical references
  • [CDM-924] - An error can occur updating a 9.2.6 database to 9.2.10 relating to discount mailing job setups
  • [CDM-996] - An error can occur updating a 9.0r17 database to 9.2.11
  • [CDM-1018] - Updating a suran_database_manager database from CDM+ 9.2.8 or earlier to 9.2.12 produces an error
  • [CDM-1019] - Updating the transaction date on ledger entries posted from Accounts Payable in 9.2.12 is much slower than in 9.2.10
  • [CDM-1048] - Renaming a miscellaneous vendor is slow
  • [CDM-1049] - Posting payroll is extremely slow in 9.2.12
  • [CDM-1074] - Changing a contribution entered through Batch Contributions on Contributions Maintenance unlinks it from the batch
  • [CDM-1075] - Accounts Payable invoices that are created by inserting a check through Ledger Entries can be added to existing invoices
  • [CDM-1084] - When adding a check to the ledger and have never been any Accounts Payable Invoices entered into the system a SQL error will occur
  • [CDM-1183] - We get an error when only barcode attendance app is selected
  • [CDM-1199] - Getting an sql error when trying to transfer a provision on android