Removing Test Online Gifts from CDM+

The advantage of using CDM+ Online Giving instead of other online giving solutions is that online gifts through CDM+ Web Ministry Tools flow automatically into CDM+. Gifts given through a Giving Tool (or Giving Tool API)—including test gifts—appear in CDM+ in the Process Pending Gifts window (go to Program > Contributions > Process Pending Contributions). In the screenshot below, the gift from Smokey Bear is a test gift.

Smokey Bear gave a test gift

How do you get rid of a test gift?

Go to CDM+ Address Records and add a record for Test Giver.

You will be asked if you want to create a Giving Unit for this giver. Click Yes. Go to the Giving Unit Record for Test Giver and make sure the individual named Test Giver has a check mark beside his name in the Attached Individuals box. If not, click Change and check the box. Click Save.

Return to the Process Pending Gifts window. Now you can link Smokey Bear's gift to the Giving Unit, Test Giver.

Smokey Bear's gift now has a yellow dot instead of a red one, meaning that the gift may be marked for processing.

Process all the gifts, including test gifts. You may now remove test gifts in CDM+ Contribution Maintenance. Go to Program > Contributions > Contribution Maintenance and perform a search that will bring up your test gifts. We used our test giving unit: GIVE108.