Testing a Giving Tool or Giving Tool API

Go to your Web Ministry Tools site, and click on the word Options on the right-hand side of the picture of the tool you wish to test.

Giving Tool - Select Options

After the tool Options load, choose Test Mode as the Credit Card Payment Mode. Click Save (located at the bottom of the page).

Choose Test Mode


If the tool you're testing is a regular Giving Tool (not an API version), go back to the Home page of your WMT site and click on the word Publish on the right-hand side of the picture of the tool.

Giving Tool - Select Publish

Click on the red Preview Link at the bottom of the Publish page.

Preview Link

The tool launcher "button" will load. Click on it.

Tool Launcher - Click for Testing

Enter Giver Information and Payment Information for a test giver. Testing with an obviously fake name helps the gift stand out in CDM+. Our giver is Smokey Bear. Since the tool is set to Test Mode, you can enter payment information and no money will change hands. Use the dummy credit card number 4111111111111111 (4 + 15 ones), any expiration date and any 3-digit CVV code to test credit/debit card transactions. Use a real routing number and a fake account number to test bank account transactions. Click Submit.

Giving Tool with Test Giver and Payment Information

A printable receipt confirms the success of the test gift.

Printable Receipt Shows Test Succeeded

NOTE: To test an API version of a Giving Tool, go to the web page that contains the form for the tool and enter test giver and payment information there. API versions of Giving Tools do not have Preview Links and Tool Launchers to use for testing.

Staff members whose email addresses you included when you set up options for the Giving Tool or Giving Tool API receive notifications that look like this.

Staff Notification

If you enter an email address that you can actually access when you put in test giver information, you can test not only the Giving Tool (or Giving Tool API) but also whether gift confirmation emails work.

Online Giving Confirmation Notice

NOTE: After you have tested your Giving Tool, remember to come back into Options and change the Credit Card Payment Mode to Live Mode.