CDM+ 9.2.3

Submitted by Alex Clay on Sun, 12/29/2013 - 23:40
Release Date
Thu, 01/02/2014
  • [US4504] - Enhance the 1099s to show 2014 form changes
  • [DE5865] - Fixed an error that would occur when checking in someone while validating User Defined fields
  • [DE5726] - Users can once again tab between tab windows.
  • [US4531] - Added support for Check Image Scanner on Mac OS X via USB-Serial adapter
  • [DE5537] - Giving Reports will not cut off the bottom of the setup window when display resolution is at 1024 x 768.
  • [DE5668] - Account numbers are now being saved during the check scanning process.
  • [DE5839] - Fixed an issue where opening and closing the demo would cause warning messages to appear
  • [DE5848] - Standardized how fields on the Minister Master File overview tab will appear in find and result column fields
  • [DE5792] - The published profile checkbox on the Overview tab of the Minister Master File will now appear checked properly for ministers with 2013-style profiles
  • [DE5796] - The references tab on the Minister Master File will now show correct references for both style forms
  • [DE5849] - The advanced find on the Minister Profile report will now find profiles correctly
  • [DE5797] - Fixed an issue with how the reference's address would print on the 2013 profile
  • [DE5847] - You can now perform a related records query again the new profiles or references off the Minister Master File
  • [DE5801] - The reference checkboxes on the Minister Master File Overview tab will now display correctly for 2013-style profiles
  • [DE5800] - Circulation preferences will now appear correctly on the Overview tab of the Minister Master File for ministers with 2013-style profiles
  • [DE5840] - Ministers circulating to the Southwest Region will now sync properly for all sub-regions in the Southwest
  • [DE5780] - Importing Search and Call records will now import 2013-style profiles correctly
  • [DE5804] - Minister names will now appear on the circulation report properly for ministers with 2013-style profiles
  • [DE5802] - The checkboxes to indicate references have been contacted on the Overview tab of the Minister Master File will now appear correctly for ministers with 2013-style profiles
  • [DE5798] - The minister's address, phone number and email will now print on the single reference form produced from the References tab for 2013-style reference forms
  • [DE5799] - Fixed a number of cases where information could overprint the page on 2013-style profiles
  • [DE5854] - You can now view a background check PDF produced while printing minister profiles to a PDF
  • [US4552] - Enhance the Minister Master File to show what type of profile a minister submitted
  • [DE5809] - Fixed an error when running Event Registration Labels with the barcode option enabled
  • [DE5794] - Event Registration Master Detail Listing report gave a SQL error when the 'Show Other Info' checkbox is checked.
  • [DE5836] - Event Registration and Vendor Label reports will correctly print the registrant/vendor name on the labels.
  • [DE5466] -Using a user defined code in the standard search of an address Report will no longer generate an error.
  • [US4554] - Calculating payroll will now check against paid date for determining if payroll already exists
  • [US4414] - Added support for 2014 Tax Tables
  • [US4473] - Omit 1099s from the list of Aatrix forms
  • [DE5842] - Comments tab restored to Employee information window.
  • [DE5866] - Fixed an error when saving ACH Information in payroll setup
  • [DE5872] - Fixed a validation error when saving ACH setup relating to the Immediate Origin Routing Number
  • [DE5761] - User defined tax tables will now work if no effective date is entered.
  • [DE5822] - Corrected the BiWeekly Married 5950.00-8898.00 tax table line for 2013 federal taxes.
  • [DE5837] - Email on employee window will no longer try to format as a phone number.
  • [DE5883] - W-2s will now display data correctly on Mac OS XPayroll
  • [DE5885] - Box 14 on the W-2 will now display the pay item description instead of "W2 Box 14"Payroll
  • [DE5887] - Payments will now show correctly on the 941 reportPayroll
  • [DE5886] - Period and YTD amounts will now show correctly on pay check stubs for hourly employeesPayroll
  • [DE5884] - Fixed an issue where local taxes could not be included on the W-2Payroll
  • [DE5816] - Church Custom Listing Report once again shows Other Information fields.
  • [DE5767] - Fixed a rare error in migration 365
  • [DE5768] - Fixed an issue where databases containing users with blank names could not be updated to 9.2
  • [DE5782] - Fixed an error that could occur when refund indefinitely-recurring transactions through Payment Administration in WMT