CDM+ 8.1.2r1.59

Submitted by Alex Clay on Mon, 07/27/2009 - 10:07
Release Date
Mon, 07/27/2009


This release contains an important fix for the 941 tax form along with several minor bug fixes and improvements. It is recommended all users update to CDM+ 8.1.2r1.59.


COG Regional

  • (Enhancement) When Running a COG Regional Minister Missing or a Treasurer Report Missing report, a Minister/Church may not show up if thier Start Reporting date is blank.
  • (Bug Fix) COG GC Awards not calculating total members
  • (Bug Fix) COG GC Comp Financial Summary
  • (Bug Fix) COG Treasurer Report processing bringing over modified date from Imported record and not the date processed
  • (Bug Fix) Treasurer Report import not seperating out International and State Other Giving with correct headings



  • (Bug Fix) Check-in reports may not read setup properly if multiple reports are used at check-in



  • (Bug Fix) Giving statements were including non-givers that get email statements
  • (Bug Fix) Phone field on Giving Unit Window displaying Alternate address phone from the Address record instead of Primary Phone unless the alternate address falls in the 'effective' range



  • (Other) Custom Attendance Report for Lakeview Presbyterian.
  • (Bug Fix) TREM Spiritual/Financial reports not allowing the saving of records


DOC Regional 

  • (Enhancement) Minister Profile added Anticipated Ordination date and Expired date on Background checks
  • (Bug Fix) DOC Search And Call. Mid-America getting LC for Northeastern


Event Registration

  • (Addition) Added Registration # sort to ER Registraion Labels



  • (Enhancement) Expanded the length of character fields in Other Information to 10,000,000 characters.


Membership & Attendance

  • (Bug Fix) Birthdates will again show correctly on yearbook directories
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed a problem where visitation and pastoral records could lose their staff and type codes when changing them
  • (Bug Fix) Individual Labels sorted by ZIP not working if 'Match Advanced and Standard search' is selected
  • (Bug Fix) Indvidual reports, in particular, Individual Custom list and Individual Directory, giving memory error message on large results if Individual photos have been entered in the Individual records



  • (Bug Fix) FORM 941 Apr 2009 Changes And Section 7 totals not printing the first time through