Using CDM+ Mobile

The first time you login to CDM+ Mobile, a red splash screen with the CDM+ Mobile logo opens momentarily, but the Launchersoon replaces it. The CDM+ Mobile Demo gives you access to five features -- Individuals, Attendance, Barcode Attendance, Check-In, Check-Out. If you are connecting to your CDM+ database on one of the CDM+ Data Hosting Servers, only those features for which you have the corresponding CDM+ program and you have been given access to through the provisioning process will appear on your device. Note: Only CDM+ Regional users enrolled in the CDM+ Data Hosting Service can have access to Churches.

CDM+ Mobile Splash Screen Launch Screen for the 2 Functions - Individuals & Attendance
The CDM+ Mobile Splash Screen The Launcher for the 6 Features

Choose whether you want to 1) View Individuals  2) Take Attendance 3) Scan Barcodes to take attendance 4) Check-In to an event 5) Check-Out individuals from an event or 6) View Churches (regional users only). Tap the appropriate icon.

Note: if you want to view an individual's attendance, you do that through Individuals

CDM+ Mobile "knows" what you were doing the last time you used it and will open to the last screen you viewed. If you log out and log back in, you will first get the Launcher for the three features, but after you choose either Individuals or Attendance, CDM+ Mobile will open the last screen you viewed. If you leave CDM+ Mobile without logging out and then return to it, you will simply see the last screen you viewed. If you need to switch between Individuals, Attendance or Check-In, tap the icon at the top right of the screen  to go to back to the Launcher for the features.