Using a Giver Portal Tool

1. Click on the Launcher for a Giver Portal tool.

Givers Portal Tool Launcher Launcher on Actual Website
Launcher for Aldersgate Giver Portal on tool Preview page Launcher for First Community Giver Portal on church's website
2. The Login window comes up automatically.  
Login to the Giver Portal. Login information is always required to access a Giver Portal, and users of the portal must be in your CDM+ database. A first-time visitor to the Giver Portal can create login information for himself/herself as long as he/she is in your CDM+ database with a complete address in the Address Record, a valid email address in the Individual Record AND is linked to a Giving Unit. An unsuccessful login attempt will result in a message to contact the church for help.
3. The Welcome window comes up automatically.  
By default the welcome is directed to the Giving Unit from within CDM+, and the format is Salutation + Last Name. In our example the welcome is to William & Lucille Allen even though only Lucy logged in.
4. The giver creates his/her Accounts.  
The giver clicks on My Accounts and then on Create New Account. In the example at the left no accounts have yet been created.
Creating a credit card account for recurring transactions Creating a bank account for recurring transactions
In the example at the left, the two accounts the giver just created show up as available to use for recurring gifts. The giver may Create New Accounts or Edit or Delete existing accounts at any time.
5. The giver sets up Recurring Gifts.  

The giver clicks on My Recurring Gifts and then on Create New Recurring Gift. In the example at the left no recurring gifts have yet been created.

If any recurring gifts had been created, but not yet given, they would show under Pending Recurring Gifts

If recurring gifts had been created and given at least once, they would show under Active Recurring Gifts.

After the giver clicks Create Recurring Gift, a window similar to the one at the left opens. The giver:

  • chooses the account he/she wants to use for this gift (all accounts created in My Accounts are in the drop down menu)
  • Schedules how often the gift should be repeated
  • clicks in the Start Date field and chooses the date the gift should begin from a calendar
  • chooses to let the gift recur indefinitely or sets a finite Number of Gifts using the "-" and "+" tabs (NOTE: If the giver chooses that a gift should recur a specific number of times, that number includes the first gift. A giver wishing to set up a one-time gift would select the number "1.")
  • enters a Memo for the gift (optional)
  • chooses the Giving Fund(s) and the Amount(s) for the gift -- a single gift may be split across multiple funds using the Add Breakdown Line button.(NOTE: The funds available in the Giving Fund drop down menu are the ones selected in Options for this Giver Portal.)
Creating a recurring gift with multiple breakdown lines  
In the example at the left, two Recurring Gifts have been created and are listed under Pending Recurring Gifts. The giver may Create New Recurring Gifts or Edit or Delete pending recurring gifts at any time. Once a recurring gift is active (at least one gift has been given), the giver must Stop the Active Recurring Gift and create a new gift in order to change it.
6. Church members view their Giving History.  
My Giving History shows all gifts, whether given online or not, for this Giving Unit over the last 12 months. Cash gifts and gifts given online both show "0" in the Check Number Column.