Giving Toolkit

The complete Giving Toolkit includes all of the following Premium Tools:

  • The Giving Tool for secure one-time online gifts
    Note that a one-time gift may be split among different funds and that the creator of the tool determines which funds are available through the tool.
  • The API version of the Giving Tool
    The API version of the Giving Tool functions like the regular version of the tool except that the API version requires knowledge of server-side programming language. If you have access to that expertise, you can create forms within the tool that flow seamlessly with your website instead of occurring in popup windows.
  • The Giver Portal
    The Giver Portal allows members of your church family to set up one-time or recurring online gifts and/or check their current giving record. Secure login requires that the giver is linked to a Giving Unit in CDM+ and has a valid email address in CDM+ Individual Records.

Note: Use of the Giving Toolkit requires CDM+ Contributions and a merchant account with Stewardship Technology obtained through the CDM+ Sales Department.