Login Settings

For each tool you create* you can choose from three levels of access security, called Login Settings. These settings can limit who can view sensitive information online by requiring users to log in with a username and password, or they can allow anyone to access non-sensitive information on your website. Login Settings give Web Ministry Tools more versatility by making it possible for each tool type to publish and/or protect sensitive or non-sensitive data.
The default Login Settings vary depending on the type of tool.
  • Event Listing, Single Event Registration and the Giving Tool for immediate gifts default to give access to everyone (Option 1).
  • Directory, Search, Stats and Current Account Balance tools default to allow access to all individuals in your CDM+ Membership database by logging in (Option 2).
* The exception is the Giver Portal, which has only one login option: individuals must be in your CDM+ Membership database and must login to use the Giver Portal. They must also have a valid email address in their Individual Record, and the Individual Record must be tied to a Giving Unit. The Giver Portal stores payment information, so you do not have a choice to require a less secure login.

NOTE: As a general rule, you should always review a tool's Login Settings before publishing it. Remember that each tool has its own Login Settings.