Selecting Data to Export

Begin by setting up the export search to find the data you want to export.

Next, you will need to create or select a set of export fields. These sets are shared with the Custom Listing reports for the same record types, so you may have existing sets from the Custom Listing reports.

If you have not defined any export or custom listing set for this particular type of export, click Create Set and enter a set name. If you have existing sets and want to add a new one, click Add and enter a set name. To modify existing sets, click Modify.

The Modify Export Sets window displays a list of sets that you own at the top of the window. To create another set, click Add and enter a set description. To rename a set, select it from the Export Set list, click Rename and enter a new name. To delete a set, click Delete, select the set(s) to delete, click Delete and click Yes. Note that deleting a set will remove it from both Exports and Custom Listings.

Once you’ve selected a set to configure, fields that you can include on the set appear on the left side of the window, broken down by record type. On the right side of the window is the list of fields in your set, sorted in the order in which they will export.

To add a field to a set, drag it from the left list to the right list or double-click the field on the left list. Once you’ve added a field to a set, it disappears from the left list.

You can change the order in which fields will export by dragging them up and down the right-hand list. To remove a field from a set, select it and press the Delete/Backspace key or drag it to the left list.

If you’d like a field to have a different description in the header and on the preview, select the field and click Rename. Enter your replacement name and click OK. The field’s original name will appear in parentheses. To use the original name, rename it to use the original name.

You can also add blank columns to the export, perhaps to provide spacing between columns or to be filled in with another application. To add a blank column, click Add Blank and enter a name for the column.

If you don’t want other CDM+ users to be able to use your set (they will never be able to modify it), un-check Publish set to other CDM+ users. Check this option to allow others read-only access to your set.

Click Close when finished working with sets.