Report Destination Options

When Show Preview is selected, seven destination option icons appear below the blue curved-arrow Refresh icon in the upper right corner of a Custom Listing window. Or click the Print button at the bottom of the report setup window to open the Select Report Destination window.

The first option, Screen Report, opens your Custom Listing for on-screen viewing. The second, Send to Printer, brings up a standard Print dialog box that allows you to choose a printer from which to print the entire listing. The third option, Print Current Page Only, brings up the same Print dialog box but only the page currently shown on the preview will print. Save as File, the fourth option, creates a report file that you are then asked to name and save to the destination of your choice. The fifth option, Save as PDF, saves the listing in PDF format. For more information on report destination options see the Fundamentals of CDM+ manual section.

The last two report destinations, Text File and Clipboard, bear special mention. Both options produce reports in a tab-delimited format that preserves the original columns and spacing when opened in another application, such as a word processing or spreadsheet program. Choose Text File to create a file that can be opened by any program that can read a tab-delimited format. Choose Clipboard if you want to copy the report for pasting directly into a document. After selecting Clipboard and clicking OK, switch to the destination program and paste. 

NOTE: The print to Text File option is a quick and easy way to turn a custom listing report into an export.