User Fields

User Fields  allow you to create user-defined codes of various types including: text, numbers, yes/no, date, time, raw data and web pages (URL). These fields are set up to display on either the Address, Individual, Event Registration or Roommate Resources records. 

User Fields Codes may be organized into Sets for ease of use.

Unassigned Codes will appear by default in a Loose set. Note there is a Loose set on the User Fields tab of the Master Coding System window for each type of record window. Click to highlight any of the Loose sets to see all unassigned User Fields Codes for that record window type.

Sets are optional; they are there for you to organize the information you wish to track on the record windows. You may create all your Codes in the Loose sets of the available record windows on the Master Coding System window and they will display in one list on the User Fields tab of the appropriate record window.