System Preferences

Preferences set on the System Preferences window affect ALL users of CDM+.

The System Preferences window is organized into tabs across the top and icons below on each tab. Depending on for which CDM+ programs your suite is licensed, you may not have access to all items.

Users with all privileges* who own all programs would see the following tabs: General, Membership & Attendance, Contributions, Accounting, Payroll, Event Registration and Roommate. If you are running the Church of God (Cleveland, TN) custom version of CDM+ you would see an additional tab: Treasurer Report

Note: Depending on the width of your System Preferences window, you may need to scroll to the right to see all available tabs and/or icons.

Click on a tab to see one or more icons within each program or sub-program pane. Click on an icon to open a new pane of preference settings within the Preferences window. When you are finished marking your preferences, click Save. Clicking the Save button will close the System Preferences window.

*Access to System Preferences is set by the CDM+ Administrator on the Users tab of the Administration window under the File menu.