Database Fields

This section of the Formatting Palette contains what really sets using CDM+ Notices instead of using a word processor to send letters to your congregation. Instead of exporting a file and doing a merge in a word processor, you simply select information found in CDM+ to insert in your letter, card or email notice.

Click on the drop list to see a Category of database fields. Select a Category to see a list of available fields to insert in your letter. For instance, place your cursor in the letter at the point you want to insert the name of each individual’s Sunday School Class in a letter and either double-click “Sunday School Class” in the list of fields or highlight it and click on the insert field icon .

The selected field will be added to your letter, as shown here:

If you click the Preview button at the side of the notice window, you will see an example of the result, as shown here:

Clicking the Preview button again will return you to the notice entry mode.

Inserted Database Fields may be formatted just like any other text in a notice. Highlight the field name and choose the font, size, color, etc.

Click the Preview button again, to see an example of the result of the formatting, as shown here:

Tip: To avoid blank lines in addresses, use either the Address Block field or the Address Lines 1 and 2 from the Address
database field list, instead of:
Address Line 1
Address Line 2
City, State and Zip

The above format will result in a blank line in the address if one of the Address Line fields is empty.

NOTE: Some fields, such as Full Individual Name, have options that can be controlled from the Format tab on the report window.