Check-Out can only be performed from a staffed station.
To manually initiate check-out, highlight the person’s name on the list on the right side of the Staffed Check-In/Check-Out window and do one of the following:
           • Click the Check-Out button below the list
           • Press the enter or return key on the keyboard
           • Double click on the person’s name

The Check-Out Options window will open. On this window, select the person who is checking out the individual. The color legend is the same as it was in the Check-In Options window. If the Event Record options are set to Require Pre-Authorization, only authorized individuals will show up in this window.

Once you have made your selection, click OK and the window will close. The individual is now checked out of the event and a gray circle will appear next to the individual’s name on the list to the right on the Staffed Check-In/Check-Out window.