Check-In Reports (name badges, receipts)

Check-In Reports

At the end of check-in, CDM+ Check-In/Check-Out can produce any number of reports (name badges, receipts, labels, etc.) to any printer connected to the check-in workstation. The most common Check-In Reports you will use fall into two categories: Name Badges and Check-Out Receipts. The Check-In Reports tab on the Check-In/Check-Out Event Records window has the tools you need to set up a new report or to modify or delete an existing report. This screen also includes a default printer setting option. Check-In Reports should not be confused with Check-In/Check-Out Reports.

Sample Name Badge and 3 Sample Receipts

There are two ways to select reports on the list. Placing a check mark beside a check-in report means the report will print at the completion of each check-in. Highlighting the name of a check-in report will open a preview of the report on the right and allow you to modify or delete the report from the list. NOTE: You must check the checkbox next to a report if you want it to print at the end of check-in. You can re-use check-in reports between events. When you create a report, it will appear on the Check-In Reports tab for all events, but it will only print for a given event if you check its checkbox while adding or changing that event. Changes you make to a check-in report will appear when that report is printed for any event.