Write Payroll Checks

  1. Select Payroll Checks from the Payroll menu. Or click on the Write Payroll Checks button on the Windows pane of the Welcome to Payroll window. If you have chosen under Preferences-Toolbars to show the Payroll toolbar, you may click the Write Payroll Checks icon.

  2. Select the Paid Date from the drop list at the top of the window. This will be the date printed on the checks.
  3. Choose from the drop list to print Auto Draw and ChecksAuto Draw only or Checks only. When Auto Draw and Checks is selected, CDM+ will pause between these two types and prompt you to change paper in the printer if necessary.
  4. Click the Calculate Time Off button, if employees have taken paid sick leave, vacation or other time off during this pay period. This will cause the Time Off Calculations window to open when you click the Write Checks button.
  5. Select the asset out of which the payroll checks are written from the Write checks from asset drop list.
  6. The Starting check number will default to next unused number. Change it, if necessary.
  7. Select both the Check format, and if applicable, Auto-Draw Format, from the drop lists. If you need to add a payroll check format, click on the pencil icon to open the Checks pane of the Payroll Setup window and the Modify Check Section window. See the Payroll Setup-Checks section of this manual for information on adding check formats.

    NOTE: If you have never printed this Check Format before, you may wish to print a check alignment test now. Click the pencil icon and click the Print Test button on the Payroll Setup-Checks window to print a test check on plain paper which you can then compare to a blank check. If the alignment needs to be adjusted, click on the Page Setup button on the Modify Check Section window to adjust the page size and margins. Once a check format prints correctly, you will not have to do an alignment test again; the setup will stay the same. (Possible exception—some printers have built-in margins which may affect how the check prints. You may want do a Print Test if you change printers.)

  8. Check all boxes next to the names of employees for which you wish to write payroll checks. Use the small buttons at the bottom of the list to Mark All or Mark None of the listed employees.

    NOTE: Click on the small triangle to the left of an employee's name to show all pay items included in this check.

  9. To change to order in which employees are listed, highlight an employee and click the Move Line Up or Move Line Down button at the bottom of the list.
  10. If you wish, click on the blue refresh arrow icon in the top right corner to show checks that are assigned check numbers but not yet posted. To return to the list of unprinted checks, click on the pencil icon next to it.
  11. If you wish to verify that payroll is correct at this time, go to Reports and click on Payroll Period Summary. A report setup window opens. Print the detailed report and check that the payroll is correct before proceeding.

  12. Press Return/Enter or click Write Checks.
  13. Choose your printer in the Select Report Destination window and payroll checks will be printed. If you chose to print both Auto Draw and Checks, after printing the checks, CDM+ will ask you to confirm you are ready to print Auto-Draw Stubs.
  14. After the payroll checks have printed, a dialog box appears, Do you want to go to the Post Payroll window? If you are ready to post these check to the ledger, press Return/Enter or click Yes. Otherwise, click No.