Hourly Payroll

  1. Select Calculate Hourly Payroll from the Payroll menu. Or click on the Calculate Hourly Payroll button on the Windows pane of the Welcome to Payroll window. If you have chosen under Preferences-Toolbars to show the Payroll toolbar, you may click the Calculate Hourly Payroll icon.

  2. Either type dates in all three fields at the top of this window (Payroll Period From/To and Paid Date) or click on the calendar icon next to each field and double-click on the desired date. NOTE! All tax calculations and tax form generations are done from the Paid Date. Do NOT leave it blank!
  3. Use the checkboxes to select the Frequency or Frequencies to be paid at this time.
  4. All employees with the selected pay frequencies will be displayed in the list on the right. Check the Pay box(es) of those employees for which you want to calculate payroll.
  5. Enter the Reg Hrs and OT Hours (if applicable) for each hourly employee you are paying this payroll period.
  6. The Reg Rate and OT Rate of pay entered in each Employee Information Record will be displayed. You may highlight and change it, if desired. The Gross Pay for each marked employee for this payroll period will be calculated and display in the right-most column of this window.

    NOTE: CDM+ will not allow you to calculate more than one payroll for any given pay item for an employee for the same pay period.

  7. Click on a radio button to choose to either Open View Payroll or Open Write Payroll Checks after calculating the payroll.
  8. Press Return/Enter or click Calculate.
  9. Payroll will calculate and the following message appears: Payroll Calculation Complete. Click OK.
  10. Either the View Payroll window or the Write Payroll Checks window will open, depending on which radio button was selected under the Post Processing Options on the Calculate Hourly Payroll window.