Setting up Class Lists

In order to begin tracking attendance for a class, you must have the classes defined in the Master Coding System and individuals enrolled in the classes. To establish classes first open the Master Coding System window (found on the File menu).

Classes must be defined on the Master Coding System before creating Class Lists.

With the Master Coding System window open, click on the Built-In tab and select Sunday School Class or whichever Type Code you have defined for your classes. This will allow you to create classes under the column “Codes for Sunday School Class.” If you have already defined classes you will see them in that column. To add a class, click the Add button at the bottom of the list. This will create a new line where you can type a description for the class. For each class that you define, you can identify a leader, location, area and time. To add additional classes, you can click the Add button or use the tab key while your cursor is in the class description field to create a new line.

NOTE: You must have the checkbox in the Atten. column on the Master Coding System marked Yes in order to record attendance for a Type Code.