Batch Contributions Entry Control Methods

Batch Contributions offers three control methods to help ensure the accuracy of your contributions entry. They are especially helpful if your offering is very large and must be processed in several batches by different people. You should also use it if you have many givers who give to more than one Giving Fund each week.

Select the Batches pane of the Contributions System Preferences and make sure the checkbox next to Hide Control Methods is not checked.

Select Batch Contributions Entry from the Contributions menu and click on the small Add button at the top right.

Click the About Control Methods button at the bottom of the window to see an explanation of the Batch Contribution Entry Control Methods.

About Control Methods

You have four options when entering contributions in CDM+. In order of simplest to most complicated they are Control Method 0, Control Method 3, Control Method 2, and Control Method 1. In order of most effective to least effective in ensuring accuracy of contribution entry they are: Control Method 1, Control Method 2, Control Method 3, and Control Method 0.