Creating a New Batch

Select Batch Contributions Entry from the Contributions menu. You may choose to view previous batches by clicking on one of the buttons at the top of the window. To create a new batch, click on the small Add button at the top of the window; the Batch Contributions Setup window will open.

Create New Batch from Batch Contributions Setup Window

CDM+ will automatically show the previous Monday as the Deposit Date and the previous Sunday as the Offering Date. If necessary, change the Deposit and Offering Dates. (The same date may be used for Deposit and Offering dates if you wish.) Next, click on the down arrow to choose a Default Event, such Sunday Morning Worship Service. The Default Event may be overridden during contributions entry.

If you also own CDM+ Accounting and have chosen in Contributions Setup to link Contributions to Accounting, you will see an Asset column with a pencil icon next to the blank field. Click on the pencil icon to open a window which lists the Asset accounts that have been setup in CDM+ Accounting.

Select Asset Account from CDM+ Accounting

Double-click the account number for the asset into which this offering is to be deposited.

NOTE: If you are linking CDM+ Contributions to CDM+ Accounting, all contributions in a batch must all be deposited to the same asset. If an offering is to be deposited to different assets, split it into batches accordingly.

If the total amount of a this batch (or of the total offering if you are not putting in multiple batches) is known, it can be entered in the Amount field. While entering contributions in the Batch Contributions Entry window, CDM+ will display a running total of processed contributions and the remaining amount to be entered.

NOTE: Entering an Amount is not required for contributions entry.

Click on the down arrow in the Funds column to open a list of the Giving Funds you have created. You may specify default funds for this batch. If you have checked the option to “Automatically load a detail line for each default fund for the selected batch” in Contributions Preferences (Batches), each of the checked funds will appear on the Batch Contributions Entry window. Note that by specifying default giving funds for a batch, contributions to these funds are not required and contributions to additional funds are possible.

Check the boxes of the giving funds for which you wish to enter contributions or select a Giving Fund Set from the pull-down list at the bottom of the pop-up window. For more information on Giving Fund Sets, see that section of this manual.

Press Return/Enter or click OK to return the Batch Contributions Entry window. In the top right corner of the window you will see the results of your entries in the Batch Setup window.

Batch Contributions Entry Window Showing Batch Setup Results