Single Event Registration Tool

The Single Event Registration Tool is a Premium Tool. You must have the Event Registration program to use it.
The Single Event Registration Tool lets people register for an event, enroll in activities for the event and pay registration fees online with a credit or debit card or a bank account transaction. Each tool can be set up for registration to a single event. Therefore, if you have multiple events, you need to separate them one-per-tool. You can use an unlimited number of tools on your website at one time. The Single Event Registration Tool links to your CDM+ Event Registration program, and you can opt to link it to your CDM+ Membership records during set up.
Click the image below to launch a slideshow depicting the various pages of the Single Event Registration Tool and how they are controlled by the tool's custom options.
NOTE! Before you even begin to create a Single Event Registration Tool, you must first have an Event Record in CDM+ Event Registration to which the tool will be tied. When people register online, their registrations will automatically appear in the Registration Entry window in CDM+. If you have not created the Event Record and are not familiar with CDM+ Event Registration, we highly recommend you first consult the Event Registration section of this online manual first for assistance in creating an Event Record.