Current Account Balance Tool

The Current Account Balance Tool is part of the Basic Toolkit. You must have the Accounting program to use it.
The Current Account Balance Tool will publish a current balance for a single account specified by the administrator. This tool provides financial information to church leaders and others who do not have CDM+ on their computers without the use of a printed report.
The options are limited only to the accounts you have set up in CDM+. You can publish balance sheet, income or expense accounts.
Current Account Balance Tool Options

Setting up a new Current Account Balance Tool

After creating a new Current Account Balance Tool on the WMT website, you will be automatically directed to the tool's Options page. To re-enter this page at any time, visit the main page and click Options to the right of the tool.
Here you can rename your tool and determine the account for which you would like to display the current balance. The accounts are in order by account number on the drop down menu.
Click Save in the bottom right corner after you've made your selections.

Suggestions for using this tool:

  • If your church has a capital campaign, mission fund, building fund or any other designated fund, you can publish the current balance on your website for everyone to see.
  • Group several Current Account Balance Tools together for your senior pastor. Add password protection, if necessary. Even if there are several password protected tools on one page, the user only needs to log in to one of them in order to view all tools for which the login is valid.
    • See the section on Login Settings for more information about setting up security for tools.
  • Publishing the balance of an expense account for a youth leader, music director or other group leader with an allotted budget will show them how much has been spent. Again, they don't need to bother an administrator to get a report with their balance, and the tool can be set up with a login and password so that only those who need to see the dollar amount will have access to it.
NOTE: The tool will only display a dollar figure, so desired identifying information would need to be added separately to your website.