Phone/Email Maintenance

Phone/Email Maintenance of both Address Records and Individual Records provides a quick and easy way to keep phone numbers and email addresses up-to-date.

The small buttons at the top of the Name column allow you to customize your view of the list. Click on List Maintenance Down Arrow to see your options of displaying the name. Click on the List Maintenance Sort Icon button to change the field the list sorts on when Name is clicked.

Select the type of phone number or email address from the drop list by clicking on the down arrow. You can choose to Show All records or limit the list with a query through the Advanced Find function.

Phone/Email Maintenance

Highlight each phone number you wish to change and type. Click Save when you are finished.

You can choose to Update Area Codes on an entire list or selected lines only.

Update Selected Area Codes

As long as you have not clicked on Save, you can undo all changes by clicking on the Revert button.

Click on Save when you have finalized your changes.

Phone numbers and email addresses shown on the Phones/Email panes of the Address Records and Individual Records windows can include more information than the primary phone. The Phone/Email Maintenance window is a good place to quickly add notes or mark phone numbers as unlisted.

Individual Phone/Email Maintenance

To add a second phone number/email address within a category, click on the plus sign (+).