Address/Individual List Maintenance

List Maintenance of both Address Records and Individual Records provides a quick and easy way to assign records to lists. Common uses for List Maintenance include:

  • Assigning/changing mailing codes to Address Records through Address List Maintenance
  • Assigning individual membership and status codes
  • Adding individuals to groups, offices, and committees, etc.
  • Adding individuals to Church School Classes

Select either Address List Maintenance or Individual List Maintenance from the Membership menu.

On the left side of window you will see tabs for Addresses/Individuals and List. With the Addresses/Individuals tab selected, you may either Show All records or use the Advanced Find to query for a specific list of records. With the List tab selected, you may choose an existing list. Click on the down arrow and select a Code Type, such as Current Church Offices. Then click on the down arrow and select a Code, such as Board Member. The list of all records with that assigned code will appear below.

Individual List Maintenance - List

Either way, once you have a list on the left side you may move or copy items to another list. Select a Code Type and Code using the drop lists on the right.

Individual List Maintenance - Individual

Double-click an item on the left-hand list to transfer it to the right-hand list. Or you may select multiple items and transfer them by dragging or clicking on the Transfer Selected button.

NOTE: There are two modes of transfer—Move and Copy. Click on the radio button to select one. An item that is moved will be clear from the original list; one that is copied will remain.

To move an item in the right-hand list back to the original list, simply double-click on it or highlight it and click on Transfer Selected. To clear an item without putting it back on the original list, highlight it and click on Clear Selected.

As long as you have not saved your changes, you can undo all the transfers by clicking on the Revert button.

Click on Save when you have finished moving items.