Individual Records

Once you have created an Address Record for a family, you can add information about the members of that family through the Individual Records window.  Individual Records can be accessed in several ways. If you are viewing an Address Record, either double-click on a name on the individuals list or click on the Individuals button at the bottom of the window.

NOTE: Double-clicking on an individual’s name in the list of individuals on the Address Records window will result in only that individual being listed in the Find section of the Individuals Records window. Clicking on the Individuals button at the bottom of the Address Records screen will open the Individual Records window with all individuals at that address listed in the Find section. Therefore, if you are going to be working with the records of more than one individual in a family, use the Individuals button.

You can open the Individual Records window directly a number of different ways.

If you do not already have it open, select Welcome to CDM+ Window from the Support menu. From the Welcome to CDM+ window, click on the Membership button. (Or, select Welcome to Membership window from the Membership menu.)

This will open the Welcome to Membership window.  Click on 2. Enter Additional Individual Information on the Getting Started pane.

Welcome to Membership - Pro version

Or select the Windows tab of the Welcome to Membership window and click on Individual Records.

Welcome to Membership - Pro version - Individual Records button

Or, you can select Individual Records from the Membership menu.

Or, if you have set your User Preferences to have the Membership toolbar active, select the Individual Records icon.

Individual Records Icon on Membership Toolbar - Pro version

Once you have the Individual Records window open, if you do not see the desired individual, use the Find function to select him or her.

Find Individual by Last Name