CDM+ Pro 8.0r35.04

Submitted by Alex Clay on Tue, 03/17/2009 - 11:04
Release Date
Thu, 07/14/2005


This release of CDM+ Pro contains a variety of minor bug fixes and enhancements. It is recommended that every CDM+ Pro user install release 35.



  • (Bug Fix) AP Accurals will now post with the vendor name in the 'Written To'
  • (Bug Fix) Add Bank rec will now always show the selected asset on the main window
  • (Bug Fix) Added Preference to not show the vendor code on Invoices and POs, and sort by vendor name instead
  • (Bug Fix) Amount Column should not have been available on the Invoice Results list because it refers to a detail line not an invoice summary
  • (Bug Fix) Budget Report Fixed issue of having first page only checked, but header doesn't show up until 2nd page
  • (Bug Fix) Chart of Accounts Allowed the changing of a Fund on an account with activity
  • (Bug Fix) Check listing now sorts by transaction date withen Journal Entries
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed AP Invoices Allowing to create invoice w/o payree assigned.
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed AP Invoices sometimes not warning if Invoice is not Balanced
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed AP Posting report sometimes not sorting by Check Number
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed Account Number overlapping on the AP Invoice by Date
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed Error generated when an Account Set had a quote charater in the name
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed The "Set Invoice Date AsToday" setting is picked up when you click "Set Invoice Dates", but ignored in the initial load of the window
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed When inputting categories, you could not tab to a new line. You had to click the Add button each time.
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed error some users were experiencing on the Account Balances Report
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed issue on Account Balance report of not being able to print out a single account
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed issue on the Chart of Account Window when entering an account it should have been defaulting to the Fund/Cat/Sub Cat before it.
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed, invoice Entry, When typing in a vendor name or code and hitting tab, window pops us saying you must select a vendor
  • (Bug Fix) Fund activity report was giving you 2 dates to pick from when you have not closed any months. Should only give one
  • (Bug Fix) expenditures report will now show date range on top of report
  • (Bug Fix) fixed iisue on account balances report sometimes not recognizing changes to account selection on refresh


  • (Bug Fix) Asset Drop down on Batch Contribtuion Setup will now filter out inactive accounts in advanced fund accounting
  • (Bug Fix) Batch Cont Entry: Fixed when you choose auto load estimates and load detail giving fund lines into batch, when making entries, you enter giver (code or name) and tab out, first line (fund) of detail disappears
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed Daily Report of Giving Fund Sort not in Default Fund order
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed Find Fiedls not Showing on Advanced find under Giving Detail Labels
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed First Page only not working on Contribution Worksheet
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed First Page only not working on Daily report of Giving
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed Giving Statements where the name will appear on the second page, but only when Memo is checked under Print Option
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed Giving Unit Selection on Giving Range Report not working correctly.
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed If you enter a non-existing giver's code into the Giver's Code field and click List before pressing tab, the Yes/No dialog asking if you want to add the giver opens behind the giver'
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed Problem with selecting a range of givers on a Giving History Report
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed Unpost contributions not working correctly while in Single-window mode
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed issue on Giving Statments where large check numbers (9 digits) were not showing properly
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed issue on Giving Unit History tab where last item in summary was always selected
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed issue on memorial gifts not prompting you to add a new Deisgneee if one did not exist
  • (Bug Fix) Giving Detail Report By Giver sorted by Name And Displaying the 'Note' will not sort by giver name correctly
  • (Bug Fix) Resorting the Giving Fund list, in Giving Fund setup, was not enabling the Save button
  • (Bug Fix) batch Contribution Setup will now allow negatives for the total amount of the batch

Event Registration

  • (Bug Fix) Added Page by Activity option to Event Activity Report
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed in Event Reg payment notes field - click the mag glass button, and you can type all day, but the field only saves the first 40 characters you type
  • (Bug Fix) Made the Name field in the Registration activity report extending to accommodate long names


  • (Bug Fix) Fixed some spellings on System Information/Serialization
  • (Bug Fix) Rebuild was not expanding the second segment Correctly

Membership & Attendance

  • (Bug Fix) Added Option on the Attendance Export to show Detail Attendance as apposed to shoing one line per person
  • (Bug Fix) Added a 'No Records Found' message on the Address/Individual Lookup window when doing a simple find
  • (Bug Fix) Added addtional Fields to the advanced find on Individual Summaries
  • (Bug Fix) Anniversary by Month will now handle couples with different last names
  • (Bug Fix) Attendance Worksheet Dates not redrawing after selecting off the pop up calandars
  • (Bug Fix) Changing an individual's Address Link created duplicate link records
  • (Bug Fix) Changing the field name 'Care Group' back to the default name after putting in a custom name would not save the change
  • (Bug Fix) Default City State and Ziip will now load in Visitor Records
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed 'Total' line on Attendance by Individual
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed Barcode Worksheet only printing 1 columns on some pages
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed Barcode not encoding the Numeric Pair 90 Correctly
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed List Maint. Not sorting alpha properly after an advanced find
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed Multiple Attendance Dragging an item to it's same list drings over the selected item of the opposite list
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed Spacing on preaching aids report when long Descriptions are put in the fields
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed Tape Ministry Label Setup, right-clicking and choosing an option from the context menu did nothing
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed error on Individual Emails where the last individual read through only has a family email.
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed in List Maint Clearing a list after saving it, without reselecting the list, will not clear the entrie
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed issue on Address YB Olan Mills not Showing families w/o individuals. Also, when switching from the custom tab to the standard tab, the standard report prints multiples of addresses
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed issue on address Finds from 'Select Address' buttons erroring if person had a quote in last name
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed issue on family Info Sheet not following Header Options
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed issue on visitation where Staff and Type code fields were not auto completing
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed issue with Page setups not always getting saved on letter notices
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed on Visitor Master Listing Report folllow up info not printing unless the print prior attend box is also checked
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed other pones not reading 'Unlisted Preference'
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed phone tree export lossing changes to export list when exported
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed refresh on Labels. When skipping lables lables equal to the number of skipped labels were being removed on the refresh
  • (Bug Fix) If you do not fill in a date on attendance Worksheet you will now get a 'Date___________'
  • (Bug Fix) fixed issue on attendance Summary report not showing the attendance for the last date when doing selected dates


  • (Bug Fix) Fixed Employee Pay Setup If you type in a new description and click elsewhere intead of tabbing out of the field, the new descritpion isn't s
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed Issue on Employee information Liability Vendors no holding selection if typed in
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed Schedule B Box 22B Showin 22 A Info