CDM+/CDM+ Pro 8.1.1r5.58

Submitted by Alex Clay on Tue, 03/17/2009 - 10:39
Release Date
Tue, 06/17/2008


This release contains a number of fixes and enhancements to CDM+/CDM+ Pro. It is the last planned release before CDM+ 8.1.2.



  • (Bug Fix) Adjusted how AR Invoices insert the insert number
  • (Bug Fix) Open/Close Period closing year brought up print dialog before selecting 'clear Income/Expense' option

All Regional Versions

  • (Bug Fix) Fixed a problem where Church Other Information did not appear CDM+ Roommate
  • (Bug Fix) Several fixes to the roommate port utility COG Regional
  • (Bug Fix) COG Award Setup not always holding changes
  • (Bug Fix) COG Awards Tweeks
  • (Bug Fix) COG GC Award reports only showing the first year
  • (Bug Fix) COG Income Post not doing CG
  • (Bug Fix) COG TR Financial Summary willnow include Month '99' entries when doing by date entered
  • (Bug Fix) COG TR Month 99 should not check for other reports
  • (Bug Fix) COR Quarterly Woman's Awards not Adding in International Numbers
  • (Bug Fix) Minor bug fixes on COG Awards
  • (Enhancement) Added Indexed Lookups to COG Reports
  • (Enhancement) Added a routine to convert a file's line endings to a different line ending
  • (Enhancement) COG Minister/Treasurer Report imports. Added File validation to improve import consistancy
  • (Addition) COG Regional Minister Awards Contributions
  • (Bug Fix) Error in Transfering of Contributions Customizations
  • (Bug Fix) CTS Agging report Fixes
  • (Bug Fix) Changed the serial number for a customization for user 10320
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed a SQL error for a customization for user 5511
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed a bug in the OI sets customization for user 5511
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed a bug with a customization for user 5511
  • (Bug Fix) Fixes for the customization for 5511
  • (Bug Fix) RCCG Customizations Bug Fixes
  • (Bug Fix) Tweak to the customization for user 11197
  • (Addition) Added pledge receipts customization for user 10320
  • (Addition) Park Aven UMC Custom Olin Mills Letter Field
  • (Addition) Park Aven UMC Custom Olin Mills YB
  • (Addition) RCCG Customization Ordination Import and Letter
  • (Addition) St. George Custom Pledge Receipt
  • (Addition) St. George M. Custom receipt

DOC General

  • (Bug Fix) Several fixes for DHM


  • (Bug Fix) Added the SQL reconnect handler to straight SQL commands
  • (Bug Fix) Additional fixes to user tickle
  • (Bug Fix) Additional tweaks for background timer behavior
  • (Bug Fix) Changes to the Omnis error handler (the one for stack errors, for example) to avoid database locks
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed a SQL error that would occur when changing a master code description
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed a mis-spelling during the reactivation process
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed a problem that could caused a SQL error when saving some data
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed a problem where saving some records would result in a non-unique ID error
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed a rare SQL error
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed a rare problem that would prevent the field manager from loading correctly
  • (Bug Fix) For Blank SQL Errors, the program will now re-attempt the SQL once before re-connecting to the database
  • (Bug Fix) Hopefully fixed a SQL error that would occur after CDM+ reconnects to the database
  • (Bug Fix) Internal fixes to the database select code to better support custom Order By clauses
  • (Enhancement) CDM+ 8.1.2 will attempt to use the database connection settings from CDM+ Pro when there are no settings for CDM+
  • (Enhancement) Error converting from 8.0 to 8.1
  • (Enhancement) Hopefully fixed bogus SQL errors of the format Error Text: Native Error Text: No error
  • (Enhancement) Improvements to how CDM+ reserializes a database
  • (Enhancement) The MCS window will now work correctly when modifying User Defined groups if the Other Information Sets customization is installed
  • (Enhancement) The Provide Feeback function will now include the trace log when sent from an error window
  • (Enhancement) The Provide Feedback will do a much better job of reporting the window it's being sent from
  • (Enhancement) Updated the program serialization code to support CDM+ 8.1.2
  • (Enhancement) When re-connecting to the database, only display a message from the second attempt on Membership & Attendance
  • (Bug Fix) Address ID in Export reports other than Address Report not correct number.
  • (Bug Fix) Fixes to support Address Barcode IDs with the Show Address ID preference


  • (Bug Fix) ACH File may be rejected if number of lines foces 10 lines of nines at the end