CDM+ 8.1.2r1.17

Submitted by Alex Clay on Mon, 03/16/2009 - 17:34
Release Date
Wed, 09/17/2008


Because this update contains fixes to the web update and network update routines, it is not available via those services. Instead, you must manually install CDM+ 8.1.2r1.17 on each workstation using an installer from or a CD.


This release contains a large number of minor enhancements and bug fixes. It also introduces new options for controlling access between users to visitation record reminders.



  • (Bug Fix) Create recurring journal enties loading all line items after adding a new line to one entry.
  • (Bug Fix) Customer Reports not working from Customer window
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed a SQL that could occur when re-connecting when opening Ledger by Accounts
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed an error that could occur when reconnecting while working in the Bank Rec setup window
  • (Bug Fix) Ledger By Accounts Page by Fund. Fund name not correct on second page if no Record on that page
  • (Bug Fix) headings not printing on text version of monthly summary
  • (Enhancement) Bank rec will now only disable Charges and interest if the end date of the Bank rec is in a closed period
  • (Enhancement) Check Account Balances will now test for missing Current Balance records

All Regional Versions

  • (Bug Fix) Regional Programs Church Phone/Email Maint not working
  • (Enhancement) Regional Program Event registration reports should be faster searches

CDM+ Roommate

  • (Bug Fix) Events with advanced recurring setups now require at least one day of the week, week of the month and month of the year.
  • (Bug Fix) Other information will now print correctly on the Resources Custom Listing report
  • (Bug Fix) When the Event Schedule is showing the Week view and you advanced the inspector past the last visible day, the inspector and the schedule will now correctly load the next day
  • (Enhancement) Fixed a problem where automatically-assigned resources would get the full resource quantity, not the quantity assigned to that room

COG Regional

  • (Bug Fix) COG Minister Reports was checking the wrong field for Exempt status
  • (Bug Fix) COG Post Income reading in ER Payments that are not tied to a registrtion record
  • (Enhancement) Option for Passive FTP on COG MR/TR Imports
  • (Addition) COG Voting Program


  • (Bug Fix) Check In/Check Out Letter and card notices windows showing wrong report title


  • (Bug Fix) Error when doing a Actual vs Pledge report with an advanced search that contains address information
  • (Bug Fix) Error when trying to do a pledge listing that includes a search on Address information
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed a SQL error that could occur when re-connecting while locating the current contribution year range
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed a SQL error that would occur when updating giving history
  • (Bug Fix) Giving Comp to file with only total colum shows proly formatted numbers
  • (Bug Fix) Giving Detail Report Comp by Giving unit, Page by Giving Unit, Sent to File or Clip. Will only show one giving unit name
  • (Bug Fix) Giving Detail by Giving unit Page by Giver does not print giver if sent to Text
  • (Bug Fix) Pledge Comparison report giving unit not always lining up with the correct numbers
  • (Bug Fix) Pledge custom listing showing wrong date entered for pledge info
  • (Bug Fix) Scanned Check Report single dates overlapping
  • (Bug Fix) Taking an address link off a memorial gifs given record, posted from contributions, would be re-enabled if contribution record was posted or edited
  • (Enhancement) Giving Statements. When Print only those with pledge is selected all those with pledges regardless of giving will print


  • (Bug Fix) NE Louisville Custom 'Children With Birthdate' should not be available For results lists

DOC Regional

  • (Enhancement) Optimized DOC YB Stats Import

Event Registration

  • (Bug Fix) Event Registration Labels, One Per Household, Not working properly
  • (Enhancement) Added Total Fees,Payments and Balance Due to Registration Export and Custom List


  • (Bug Fix) CDM+ now requires OpenBase build 124 on Linux
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed a problem where clicking OK on Print dialogs, open dialogs and save dialogs on Mac OS X would sometimes act like cancel was clicked
  • (Bug Fix) If the database was locked by a non-administrator user, that user can now unlock the database
  • (Bug Fix) Newly created database will have the correct tables and default values in the database schema
  • (Bug Fix) Refreshing Labels when skipping labels adds additional skipped labels
  • (Bug Fix) The SQL Helper from the SQL Command Line will now show more accurate results
  • (Bug Fix) Updated the Web Update and Network Update mechanisms to support updating additional components in the CDM+ installation
  • (Enhancement) Added *Group and *GroupType to the Data Import utility for tmAttendance
  • (Enhancement) Enhanced letter and card notice windows will now correctly recall the last used notice
  • (Enhancement) Fixed a problem that would occur under Mac OS X where dropping down a list on a combo box and selecting a list line would fail to populate the combo box correctly.
  • (Enhancement) Improved the timing of stopping OpenBase under Mac OS X
  • (Enhancement) When exporting and e-mailing SQL outputs from the SQL Command Lines, the attached text files will now be zipped
  • (Enhancement) When updating the database server, the program will check for a successful update. If the update was unsuccessful, the program will prompt the user to reboot/restart the computer and re-attempt the update.
  • (Addition) Numerous operations that control the database server (installing, uninstalling, starting and stopping) now require the current user is an administrator under Windows
  • (Other) Text on Set Custom Version SF
  • (Other) Updated the demo to version 8.1.2

Membership & Attendance

  • (Bug Fix) 'Donor' field showing up on Individual custom listing as all 'No'
  • (Bug Fix) Address Email Maint clearing all emails If an advanced find was done followed by a Show All before saving
  • (Bug Fix) Changing Visitation Types and Staff Codes in the Master Coding System will now update existing visitation records. These records will be repaired upon installing CDM+ 8.1.2r1.16 or later.
  • (Bug Fix) Douple clicking on an individual in sent notices did not bring the individual up
  • (Bug Fix) Entered and Modified information could be edited in field maintenance when it should not
  • (Bug Fix) Error when doing a find on a userdefined group the first thing upon opening the program
  • (Bug Fix) Labels will not print barcodes for uncertified addresses
  • (Bug Fix) Name Tags not printing properly on the page
  • (Bug Fix) Page Breaking not consistant on visition by Individual
  • (Enhancement) Added Export Options for Current Address
  • (Enhancement) Added Options to limit Visitation reminders to Selected Users
  • (Enhancement) Attendance by Date not printing names under a date if there is not one person is in attendance
  • (Enhancement) Fixed: On an attendance report which requires two pages, the second page header is either blank or has the name of the next report being printed.
  • (Addition) Added 'Confirmed' to Catholic custom individual field list
  • (Other) Qualified all the searches related records in Individual and Attendance


  • (Bug Fix) 941 revision infromation now shows correct year
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed Dates to Submitt on 1099 and 1096 Forms
  • (Enhancement) Added find on Date Entered/Modified to Employee and Giving Units