Directory Tool

The Directory Tool is part of the Basic Toolkit. You must have the CDM+ Membership program to use it.
The Directory Tool links directly to your CDM+ Membership program. This tool will display Individual or Address records and sort them in an easily navigable format specified by the administrator during set up. You can set it up to display a certain age group or people enrolled in a specific group/class or your entire CDM+ Membership database.

Setting up a new Directory Tool

After creating a new Directory Tool on the WMT website, you will be automatically directed to the tool's Options page. To re-enter this page at any time, click Options to the right of the tool.
In this window, you can:
  • Change the name of the tool
  • Apply custom filters to specify the records you want to publish
  • Set the navigation options of the tool
  • Choose the information fields you want to display

Directory Tool Name and Custom Filters


Changing the name of a Directory Tool

To change the name of a Directory Tool, delete the old name and type in the new one in the box next to Tool Name at the top of the Options page.

Setting custom filters on your Directory Tool

Filters limit or expand the data your tool will publish. Selecting specific groups means the Directory Tool will only publish addresses or individuals associated with that group. Selecting all applies all filters, but doesn't necessarily mean you will get all records. If you want to publish all data, applying no filters (or clicking Clear All) is your best option. 
NOTE: When you change between Individual and Address records (in item 1 under Custom Options) the group filters will change between groups associated with addresses and groups associated with individuals.
Directory Tool Custom Navigation Settings

Setting custom navigation options

Each Directory Tool has a built-in navigation bar above the data fields. These options will let you determine how you want to sort your data, the number of groups by which you would like to divide your data and the delimiting characters you would like to appear in the navigation bar.
To set these custom options, first select whether you want to publish address or individual records and then select the field by which you want to sort the records. For example, you might sort individuals by last name.
Next, select the number of groups by which you'd like to sort your data. The number of groups you might need is best determined by the number of records you want to publish on this tool. If you are making a directory for the entire church, you will want more groups than if you are making a directory for a single sunday school class.
Item 3 is to select the number of delimiting characters for each group. An example of this would be, if you choose 1 delimiting character, a group might be "A-C." If you choose 2 delimiting characters, a group might be "Aa-Cz."
The fourth option is to choose the fields of information you would like to display. It's a good idea to include the field by which you sorted the data in item 1. Back to our example of sorting by the field "Last Name," you might want to display First Name, Last Name, Address Line 1, City, State, Zip and Primary Phone.
To select a results field, click the field the left column and drag it to the right column. If you change your mind, you can always drag it back to the left and it will not appear on the tool.
You also can control the order in which the information fields will display by clicking and dragging them into position within the right column. The numbers indicate the order in which they will appear in the tool from left to right.
Finally, you can customize the name of the field as it will appear in the results table on the tool. By default, the results fields will appear as column headings the way they are named in CDM+, but you may want to change the verbiage for use on the tool. All fields in the right column contain an input box where you can type the desired name. 
Once you have made all changes to the Tool Name, Filters and Custom Options, click Save in the lower right corner.
NOTE: It is important to consider security when publishing address or individual records online. Please see the section on Login Settings to learn about tool logins and how they can provide security for the data you are publishing online using WMT.