What's New in CDM+ 9.0

Submitted by Alex Clay on Tue, 11/16/2010 - 15:42
Release Date
Tue, 11/16/2010

Version 9.0 brings tremendous new potential to CDM+ through updated development software and a new database backend. From a functional perspective, 9.0 is nearly identical to CDM+ 8.1. This provides little-to-no learning curve for existing users, but offers improved speed and stability.


Database Server

CDM+ 9.0 is built on PostgreSQL 8.4. PostgreSQL has a smaller memory footprint than the previous database server. It also eliminates the lengthy startup procedure for databases. Remote access is simplified as a single port is all that is needed to connect to the database. A brand-new Database Browser window provides simple, yet complete administration of databases and the database server.


Operating Systems

CDM+ 9.0 eliminates compatibility issues with Microsoft Windows Vista and 7. The installer under Windows is updated to be a standard .msi, wrapped in a .exe boot-strapper. This allows for easier mass-distribution of the full program installer. The database server is also provided as an .msi with a custom “Suran Server” service. This allows the database server to be stopped, started and uninstalled separately from CDM+.


Under Mac OS X, CDM+ 9.0 is packaged as a stand-alone application bundle and distributed via .dmg. This provides a single file containing the complete application and an installation processes that is familiar to Macintosh users. CDM+ 9.0 is also a full universal binary and therefore runs much faster on Intel-based Macs.


E-Mail System

While the interface to send e-mails through CDM+ in unchanged in 9.0, the mechanism to deliver them is brand-new. CDM+ 9.0 employs a server-based background e-mail system. This allows a user to initiate delivery on an e-mail notice, then move on to other work in CDM+ or even quit the program. E-Mails will continue to send from the server. CDM+ 9.0 also tracks e-mail-specific delivery failures. An updated E-Mail Outbox allows the user to view failures and remove or re-send e-mails appropriately. Sent E-Mail Notices are now tracked automatically instead of optionally. Finally, CDM+ 9.0 fully supports SMTP servers requiring TLS/SSL connections.


Recurring Contributions

CDM+ 9.0 adds the ability to define recurring contributions for givers. These contributions are scheduled much like an event in Roommate and include full gift breakdown and payment. Recurring contributions are loaded into a batch window and then treated like any other contribution.


Error Reporting

CDM+ 9.0 includes new error windows and a new Provide CDM+ Feedback window. When an error occurs, the user only need to click Send to send the error report to the CDM+ development team. This lowers the barrier to sending error reports and encourages users to submit them. Error reports include significantly more data about the error making it easier to understand and fix the problem. The Provide CDM+ Feedback window also receives similar enhancements, giving it an updated and cleaner interface.


Custom Listings

All custom listings include a Pivot feature which allows data to be printed down the page instead of across it in columns.



There is no longer a need to have all users exit CDM+ to make a backup. Automatic Backups of the database no longer stop each database, nor do they require users to be out of CDM+. They can be administered remotely from a client computer. Automatic Backups are also cleaned up based on the number of saved backups, not the age of the backups. Automatic Backups and manual backups produce the same type of backup file. CDM+ 9.0 backups are roughly 16MB smaller in size than CDM+ 9.0 backups.



Users with multiple databases will see a faster update process from the second database on. Updating a database now provides a single progress bar. When a program is updated via network update or web update, it restarts to the new version automatically without prompting for a password on all platforms.