Event Listing Tool

The Event Listing Tool is part of the Basic Toolkit. You must have the CDM+ Roommate program to use it.
Event Listing Tools publish data directly from your Roommate Facilities Manager. Use CDM+ Roommate to edit events; changes made in Roommate will automatically show up on your published tool. The Event Listing Tool shows events one day at a time. Publish events and their details for specific departments or rooms or all of them.

Event Listing Tool Setup

After creating a new Event Listing Tool on the WMT website, you will automatically be directed to the tool's Options page. To re-enter this page at any time, go to your WMT home page and click Options to the right of the tool.
In this window you can:
  • Change the name of the tool
  • apply custom filters for Rooms or Departments

Changing the name of your Event Listing Tool

To change the name of an Event Listing Tool, delete the old name and type the new one in the box next to Tool Name at the top of the Options page.

Setting custom filters on your Event Listing Tool

These filters will limit or expand the amount of information your tool will publish.
Select the rooms and departments for which you would like to publish events. To make multiple selections, hold down the shift or command (Mac OS X)/control (Windows) keys while clicking on the rooms or departments.  
Event Listing Options
If you add a new room or department in CDM+ Roommate, remember to select it on the Options page for any event listing tools that should display events in that room or department.