Giving Tool

The Giving Tool, part of the Giving Toolkit, is for secure immediate online gifts. Each gift is a single transaction that may be split among different Giving Funds. You choose during tool setup which of your church's Giving Funds to make available. 
The Giving Tool lets people make online donations to your church or organization, whether they are established givers or not. The tool can be set up to take donations from credit/debit cards and/or from bank accounts. Note that you may choose to limit donations to bank account transactions, if you wish. You also decide during tool setup whether or not to restrict access to the tool in any way. Through Login Settings, you can choose to:
  • Let anyone give without logging in (the default choice)
  • Require a login and restrict access to persons in your church database
  • Require a login and restrict access to a particular church group
The Giving Tool links to your CDM+ Contributions program and requires a merchant account with Stewardship Technology. Please contact CDM+ Sales at 877-891-4236 for information on obtaining a merchant account.


Setting up a new Giving Tool

After creating a new Giving Tool on the WMT website, you will be automatically directed to the Options page. To re-enter this page at any time, click Options to the right of the tool.
In this window you can:
  • change the name of your tool
  • (optionally) select the event for which the tool will enter contributions
  • select Giving Funds (and, optionally, Memorial gift designations) to which gifts can be made
  • set the tool for Test or Live mode
  • set up email confirmation options for registrants and office staff
  • select which payment types the tool will accept

Giving Tool Options


Changing the name of a Giving Tool

To change the name of a Giving Tool, delete the old name and type in the new one in the box next to Tool Name on the Options page.

Custom Options:

  1. Choose the event for which you would like this tool to enter gifts by selecting an event from the drop down menu or leave it blank. The events listed here come from the CDM+ Master Coding System. Note: Unless you normally track contributions by event, choose None.
  2. Choose the Giving Fund(s) you want to make available to users of this Giving Tool by clicking to highlight the name of the desired Giving Fund(s) in the list. The Description will default to the name of the fund in CDM+. You may change it here, however, to what you want it to display on the tool. If you change your mind about adding a fund, simply click it again to deselect it.

    If you are using the Memorials feature in CDM+ Contributions and have Memorial funds linked to Contributions under Contributions Setup, click to select Memorial in the funds list on the left and then choose the Memorial Fund from the drop list on the right. Giving Fund Detail

  3. Select Test Mode or Live Mode from the menu beside Credit Card Payment Mode. Test Mode is for testing purposes during tool set up. While this option is set to Test Mode, you can enter payment information on the online tool and no money will change hands. Use the dummy credit card number 4111111111111111 (4 + 15 ones), any expiration date and any 3-digit CVV code to test credit/debit card transactions. Use a real routing number and a fake account number to test bank account transactions. Learn more about testing a Giving Tool.

    When you are ready to let people use the tool for giving, set the mode to Live. Actual credit/debit card charges and bank account transactions will only occur when the tool is set to Live Mode.

  4. You may opt to send gift notifications to staff by entering e-mail addresses in the space provided. Separate addresses with commas only (no spaces). An e-mail will be sent to the staff each time someone donates if you enter addresses.
  5. You may opt to send a gift-specific email to the donor once the payment has been processed. Choose one of the Online Gift Notices from the drop list, or leave the selection as None if you do not want to send an email to the donor. Note: Once you have bought and activated the Giving Toolkit, Online Giving Notices are found directly under Contributions in the Program menu, not in the Reports menu where you find other notices.
  6. Select the payment type to use. This does not define the type of card or bank account donors may use; it defines the contribution type marked for gifts made with this tool when entered in CDM+ Contributions. We suggest creating a payment type called Online Gift in CDM+ through the Master Coding System. If you then check Contribution Type when setting up a report such as the Daily Report of Giving, you can easily see all gifts given online.
    Add Payment Type of Online Gift in CDM+ Master Coding System   Check Contribution Type on report
    Add Payment Type of Online Gift in CDM+ Master Coding System   Check Contribution Type when setting up Daily Report of Giving
  7. Select the specific debit/credit cards and/or ACH transactions you will accept through this tool.