CDM+ 11.0

Submitted by Alex Clay on Mon, 11/11/2019 - 11:37
Release Date
Tue, 11/12/2019

Before installing CDM+ 11.0

Backup your data

Back up all databases that will be updated to CDM+ 11.0. If you're on Data Hosting you can contact support to make a backup or simply rely on the nightly backup.

Ensure all computers that will run CDM+ 11.0 meet the system requirements


Download and install CDM+ using the links above. This will remove previous versions of CDM+ from your computer. Open CDM+ 11.0 and update your database, then begin using CDM+ normally.

Issues resolved in CDM+ 11.0


  • CDM-6969 Bug - The 941 for 3rd Quarter 2019 is putting a negative in front of the amount on line 12
  • CDM-7006 Bug - Error generating 941 Aatrix form
  • CDM-5982 Story - Remove comments from the AUF
  • CDM-6113 Story - Ensure a user is an administrator before installing Aatrix and fail gracefully if they're not
  • CDM-6531 Story - Use the Aatrix Forms Viewer 64-bit beta
  • CDM-6884 Story - Use the 64-bit Aatrix Viewer for all users on Mac
  • CDM-6960 Story - Use the Windows forms.txt URL on macOS


  • CDM-6132 Bug - Opening Deposit Processing creates an Omnis error
  • CDM-6158 Bug - Size and position of Deposit Processing window is not recalled
  • CDM-6338 Bug - Saving a particular accrued invoice causes program to hang
  • CDM-6354 Bug - Account Balances report does not sort as expected
  • CDM-6364 Bug - Marking a Deposit for Processing causes a SQL Error
  • CDM-6394 Bug - Opening Ledger Entry window causes a SQL Error
  • CDM-6399 Bug - Bank Reconciliation window does not always reload bank recs when selecting an account
  • CDM-6504 Bug - The menu name and the window title name for Close/Open periods is different
  • CDM-6658 Bug - Over/Under totals show on the Monthly Comparison report for hidden columns
  • CDM-6683 Bug - Ledger to Budget does not display the Over/Under correctly if you have the Page by Fund selected
  • CDM-6686 Bug - Monthly Comparison Report is not printing the prior YTD column.
  • CDM-6709 Bug - Prior Year Total when checked 4th or 7th does not produce the correct data in Monthly Comparison
  • CDM-6771 Bug - Range Comparison report shows average even when the setting is not checked
  • CDM-6837 Bug - Budget Comparison report does not seem to have a composite view
  • CDM-6924 Bug - Going from Deposit Entry to Check Entry doesn't set Start field
  • CDM-6943 Bug - When opening a year, the window redraws excessively
  • CDM-6963 Bug - Not all of the accounting reports are showing up in the accounting window
  • CDM-6976 Bug - Cannot see the numbers for the last check used in Accounting Setup
  • CDM-6978 Bug - The difference line does not always print on the Balance Sheet 
  • CDM-7015 Bug - Modify Bank Reconciliations is missing a date picker for the end date
  • CDM-928 Story - Prevent creating ledger entries using an inactive account
  • CDM-934 Story - When typing in a number to select a chart of account, ignore inactive accounts
  • CDM-1701 Story - Allow directly entering chart of accounts with a period character
  • CDM-2956 Story - When finding a chart of account by number, look for an exact match first
  • CDM-3902 Story - Only allow closing periods through today
  • CDM-6258 Story - Expose the Quarterly Comparison report as a standard report
  • CDM-6501 Story - Hide inactive assets from the Bank Rec list of assets
  • CDM-6524 Story - Add fk validation and cascading deletes to faacctpayablerecur for favendor_id
  • CDM-6563 Story - Move some items from Ledger menu to Accounting menu
  • CDM-6758 Story - Reorganize the Ledger Reports menu
  • CDM-6789 Story - Reorganize Ledger Balance Reports Menu
  • CDM-6802 Story - Remove the Ledger Reports -> Listings and Exports menu line
  • CDM-6803 Story - Rearrange the Ledger Reports -> Comparison menu lines

Accounts Payable

  • CDM-6084 Bug - Error "AP entry cannot have a check grouping without a payment"
  • CDM-6092 Bug - Creating Invoices from Recurring creates Individual Invoice Lines based on the number of lines on the Recurring Invoice
  • CDM-6295 Bug - AP Posting Report is not including cents on report
  • CDM-6345 Bug - Write Checks opens even though no checks have been paid but not posted nor invoices marked for payment
  • CDM-6570 Bug - Purchase Order Records window title is not the same as the menu item
  • CDM-6572 Bug - 1099 Tax Form window title is not the same as the menu item
  • CDM-7005 Bug - Cannot save an AP Invoice
  • CDM-3276 Story - Allow accruing multiple invoices for the Invoice record frame
  • CDM-6435 Story - Change the title of the invoice and payments windows to include their submodule

Accounts Receivable

  • CDM-6013 Bug - Apply First to Invoice field remains populated after changing customers
  • CDM-6069 Bug - Cannot create new customer if user fields are added
  • CDM-6094 Bug - Error attempting to save new customer record
  • CDM-6124 Bug - Invoices posted from Roommate won't print on the invoice report
  • CDM-6147 Bug - Jumping from individuals to customer generates an error
  • CDM-6221 Bug - Adding a group when adding a customer causes an error
  • CDM-6235 Bug - Cannot create a one-day statement
  • CDM-6254 Bug - Clicking the Statements button on the Accounting toolbar doesn't do anything
  • CDM-6255 Bug - Aging Invoices report not calculating correctly
  • CDM-6286 Bug - Cannot select a customer in AR Payments
  • CDM-6325 Bug - Clicking 'Select Address' on a Customer Record causes a SQL Error
  • CDM-6341 Bug - Entered Date and Posted to Ledger Date are affected when you increase the size of the Accounts Receivable Payment Records window
  • CDM-6359 Bug - AR Payments shows Change and Delete options when the invoice/payment is in a Statement date range
  • CDM-6381 Bug - The cursor when using Multi-Add in Accounts Receivable Payments window is placed in the last field used rather than in the Customer field
  • CDM-6384 Bug - Unable to add accounts receivable invoices
  • CDM-6390 Bug - An added Accounts Receivable Payment shows up twice in Results List
  • CDM-6439 Bug - Invoice Late Charges menu item is inconsistent with opened window name
  • CDM-6503 Bug - Ledger Reference in Invoice Detail is not properly set when posting
  • CDM-6536 Bug - Finding against individual names generates an error
  • CDM-6573 Bug - Recurring Invoices window title is not the same as the menu item
  • CDM-6574 Bug - Recurring Invoices Custom Listing and Exports window title is -14
  • CDM-6583 Bug - Saved report names are seen as duplicates between Detail Statements and Email Statements in Accounts Receivable
  • CDM-6648 Bug - Delete is not an option for a unposted AR invoice
  • CDM-6692 Bug - Recurring Accounts Receive Invoice setup doesn't allow long descriptions
  • CDM-6787 Bug - Adding an Individual Customer link generates a SQL error
  • CDM-6788 Bug - Fields in AR Payment window are going off the page
  • CDM-6835 Bug - Clicking 'Refresh' on Advanced Search window produces a SQL Error in Customer Custom Listing and Export report
  • CDM-6841 Bug - User groups are missing as results columns on Customer Records
  • CDM-6858 Bug - Cursor does not start in date in AR Invoices
  • CDM-6859 Bug - Clicking through line items is not adding a new line in AR Invoices
  • CDM-6860 Bug - Account number automatically generates in new line item in AR Invoices
  • CDM-6868 Bug - The Accounts Receivable Aging report is slow
  • CDM-6869 Bug - Customer Composite Aging Invoices don't display the correct amounts
  • CDM-6899 Bug - A/R Invoice Entry tabbing is not correct
  • CDM-6922 Bug - Email Receivables Statements shows individual notices
  • CDM-6996 Bug - Statement message does not print on Detail Statement report
  • CDM-2102 Epic - Roommate Billing
  • CDM-1057 Story - Ability to email Accounts Receivable Statements
  • CDM-1635 Story - Add Groups to Customer Records
  • CDM-4083 Story - Add User Fields to Customer Records
  • CDM-4138 Story - Add the Show Invoice Detail option to the Statements report
  • CDM-5790 Story - Ability to link Customer Records to Individuals
  • CDM-5963 Story - Add a source to Accounts Receivable payments
  • CDM-6014 Story - Add Account Schedule GUID to AR Payments
  • CDM-6015 Story - Ability to process AR Payments from Deposit Processing
  • CDM-6116 Story - Add an empty list message to the Individuals tab on Customer Records
  • CDM-6148 Story - Ability to search customer lookup by customer name
  • CDM-6149 Story - Make exact match on customer codes standard
  • CDM-6174 Story - Exclude payments from Engage when posting payments
  • CDM-6237 Story - Remove the quantity and cost from the detail statement report if 0 or 1
  • CDM-6238 Story - Add a button to print a detail statement from the expanded customer lookup
  • CDM-6312 Story - Re-work posting AR payments to not use window level events
  • CDM-6330 Story - Ability to set a start date for recurring Accounts Receivable invoices
  • CDM-6346 Story - Prevent creating Accounts Receivable Invoices and Payments on a date where a statement exists
  • CDM-6348 Story - Delete the Reset AR Statements special function
  • CDM-6349 Story - Remove "Accounts Receivable" from Customer Go actions
  • CDM-6363 Story - Expose the ledger reference number on Accounts Receivable Invoices 
  • CDM-6418 Story - Add a message option to Accounts Receivable Statements
  • CDM-6433 Story - Redesign Accounts Receivable Invoice Records Invoice Tab
  • CDM-6436 Story - Redesign Accounts Receivable Payment Records Payments Tab
  • CDM-6437 Story - Rename the Payments tab on Accounts Receivable Payment Records to Payment
  • CDM-6507 Story - Linked Individuals field on customers
  • CDM-6676 Story - Change Pay Types Field in Payment Summary to be a Check List All Select Smart Field
  • CDM-6722 Story - Prevent creating recurring invoices for inactive customers 
  • CDM-6735 Story - When adding the first Recurring Invoice on Customer Records set the current field to account number
  • CDM-6792 Story - Prevent changing the total amount or the customer on Accounts Receivable Invoices generated from Roommate
  • CDM-6796 Story - Update Customer Individual tab to use a URL style button to add/remove individuals
  • CDM-6871 Story - Add credit balances to the Aging Invoice reports


  • CDM-6938 Bug - Selecting a different user in Administration prompts to save when there are no changes
  • CDM-6981 Bug - Users have access to program areas they don't have permissions for
  • CDM-7017 Bug - Sets under Administration does not size to fit
  • CDM-744 Story - Change the terminology used when disconnecting a user from the logged-in user window
  • CDM-3669 Story - Set the {{}} when logging on to the database
  • CDM-6460 Story - Ability to edit notice ownership from Administration


  • CDM-6106 Bug - Restoring from an Archived database and gets the following message: "fgwindowPreferences cannot contain a blank key"
  • CDM-6310 Bug - Archiving individual group assignments fails


  • CDM-6544 Bug - When adding attendance under Visitor Record window, there is no calendar icon to select by Date field
  • CDM-6591 Bug - Printing Attendance by Individual with 'Do not print by code' selected causes an error
  • CDM-6595 Bug - Attendance reports print individuals marked as Do Not Print when no status code is selected.
  • CDM-6623 Bug - Printing Attendance Visitor Custom Listing and Export report produces an error
  • CDM-6706 Bug - Simple Find in Visitor Address Records causes SQL Error
  • CDM-6865 Bug - Opening Visitor Address Record window causes errors
  • CDM-7016 Bug - Printing an Attendance Membership Custom Listing and Export without a class/group/event selected shows a blank OK message

Audit Logs

  • CDM-6556 Bug - Get a SQL Error when I click on one of the Audit Log update lines in Payroll Records
  • CDM-6741 Bug - Clicking on Update under Record tab gives a SQL Error
  • CDM-6827 Bug - Changes to Membership Codes do not display correctly in audit logs
  • CDM-3366 Story - Log all activity to a common audit trail
  • CDM-6546 Story - Index audit logs
  • CDM-6547 Story - Don't insert audit logs for updates when the old and new row are the same


  • CDM-6927 Bug - Phone and Email types do not show up as available validation fields in CICO Event Records
  • CDM-6931 Bug - Staffed Check-in Options shows the wrong text when no groups are selected on the event

COG Awards

  • CDM-6252 Bug - SQL error when clicking on awards setup tab in church records
  • CDM-6351 Bug - The Girls Clubs Awards Bonus window is blank

COG Regional

  • CDM-6442 Bug - Updating COG Regional Database to CDM+ 11 causes the loss of existing Custom Sets for Church Position Custom Listing report
  • CDM-6580 Bug - Entering an invalid routing number under the ACH tab of Church Records produces an error
  • CDM-6630 Bug - The ACH Enabled slider on Church Reports is enabled in view mode
  • CDM-6696 Bug - Minister reports are missing from the Print window from Minister Report Records
  • CDM-6743 Bug - Corrections are needed on the COG Minister Monthly Report Form
  • CDM-6870 Bug - Individual COG Personal2 tab does not center horizontally
  • CDM-6968 Bug - COG Church Directory - Group Choices are missing under Search

COG Voting

  • CDM-3481 Story - Create a dedicated table for manual voting session assignments

Chart of Accounts

  • CDM-6153 Bug - Account Usage window shows code string instead of plural term for giving fund
  • CDM-4141 Story - Hide inactive accounts in the multiple account selector

Check Scanner

  • CDM-6961 Bug - Checks won't scan in CDM+ 11 on macOS


  • CDM-6264 Bug - CDM+ won't switch printers for non-Dymo devices during check-in
  • CDM-6577 Bug - Check-in/Check-out Log menu item name is not the same as the window title
  • CDM-6578 Bug - Current Check-in/Check-out Log menu name is different from window name
  • CDM-6609 Bug - Clicking 'Print' button from CICO Event Records window produces 'There are no reports available to print.'
  • CDM-6163 Story - Add Check-In records as a related record for Check-In Check-Out Events


  • CDM-6581 Bug - Connections window showing -14 for selected record frame windows
  • CDM-6656 Bug - When adding a connection the record selection sidebar has no options


  • CDM-6045 Bug - Adding a giving unit from Batch Contributions does not link individuals to the giving unit
  • CDM-6053 Bug - The Giving Fund Set report has visual issues
  • CDM-6105 Bug - Selecting a Canadian Receipt does not refresh details
  • CDM-6245 Bug - Generating a Canadian Receipts produces SQL error
  • CDM-6260 Bug - Clicking 'Restore Records' during the deletion process of a posted contribution record produces an error
  • CDM-6279 Bug - Contribution Maintenance window menu bar shows a -14
  • CDM-6282 Bug - Payroll and Giving Unit managers are not initialized when logging in to the program
  • CDM-6297 Bug - Changing the find field on Giving Unit Record simple find does not change the find criteria
  • CDM-6298 Bug - Contribution Custom Listing report Clipboard or Text File is not parsing fields properly
  • CDM-6307 Bug - Less than or equal to modifier is not showing in Giving Unit Record window
  • CDM-6328 Bug - The check number field does not appear in Batch Contributions entry when selecting Check payment type in Windows
  • CDM-6335 Bug - Actual vs Pledge report generates an error with specific search setup
  • CDM-6344 Bug - Clicking Load in Batch Contribution Entry causes error
  • CDM-6365 Bug - Contribution Export Report - List Results are not correct
  • CDM-6446 Bug - Menu item 'Online Contribution Notice Records' should be changed to 'Online Contribution Notice' or 'Online Contribution Notice Report'
  • CDM-6530 Bug - Attempting to print Contribution Custom Listing report causes a SQL Error
  • CDM-6567 Bug - Report title for Lagging Giving Units menu item is Lagging Givers
  • CDM-6568 Bug - Address Giving Unit Check menu item is not the same as the report title
  • CDM-6569 Bug - The Available Giving Unit Codes window title does not match the menu name.
  • CDM-6594 Bug - Extra line with the total amount is showing on the bottom of the Canadian Receipt
  • CDM-6619 Bug - The word 'Contribution' is cut off under Batches tab of Daily Report of Contributions
  • CDM-6631 Bug - Changing a contribution that is pending posting requires a deposit date
  • CDM-6632 Bug - Deposit and Contribution date fields are enabled in view mode on Contribution Records
  • CDM-6695 Bug - Entering asset number to the first item in Modify Batches will add the same asset number to all listed batches when you click Save
  • CDM-6798 Bug - Deposit Processing hangs when working with accounts that have a lot of activity
  • CDM-6907 Bug - Mis-spelling on Contribution Giving Statement Report file save dialog window
  • CDM-6936 Bug - The note at the top of the Giving Funds window is missing spaces
  • CDM-6986 Bug - Batch Contributions Entry does not save the headed list box column sizes when closing
  • CDM-7025 Bug - Batch Contributions Entry window does not show 'Customize List Display' and the number of contributions under the Givers list box.
  • CDM-7029 Bug - When in adding multiple entries in Batch Contributions entry, an entered Memo and the Giver information does not clear out upon saving
  • CDM-7034 Bug - When attempting to attach an address record to a Giving Unit Record, a SQL Error occurs
  • CDM-4452 Story - Update the Giving Funds report to be responsive
  • CDM-5180 Story - Enhance giving statement, AR Invoice, and AR Statement emailing to use in-memory PDFs
  • CDM-6050 Story - Reload event lists on contributions windows when events change
  • CDM-6051 Story - Upgrade the Batches report to be responsive
  • CDM-6438 Story - Enhance the source find field for Giving Units to be a list
  • CDM-6448 Story - The URL for the Canadian Revenue Agency needs to be changed on the Canadian Tax Receipt
  • CDM-6491 Story - Create a trigger to populate the giving note on giving detail linked to memorial gifts

Custom Listing

  • CDM-6063 Bug - When printing from Investment Window and Loan Record Gets SQL Error
  • CDM-6204 Bug - Start Time & End Time displays as Jan 1 2000 on Event Custom Listing
  • CDM-6233 Bug - Subtotals on the custom listing column print one line lower
  • CDM-6241 Bug - Deleting a custom listing set with fields added to it crashes the program
  • CDM-6517 Bug - Updating to CDM+ 11 causes the loss of custom listing sets and columns
  • CDM-6820 Bug - Composite Custom Listings do not display totals
  • CDM-6214 Story - Ability to turn off line numbers on the Custom Listing Columns format
  • CDM-6473 Story - Omit the Totals line when subtotaling the custom listing if no columns can be totaled

DOC Church

  • CDM-6199 Bug - Special Giving section of Church Record Yearbook tab has two User 3 fields
  • CDM-6514 Bug - Church Custom Listing and Export report in DOC General on Approval is showing a -14 in drop down field of search

DOC Ministers

  • CDM-6156 Bug - Minister Association display returns to All after applying when filtered for Unassigned
  • CDM-6322 Bug - The circulation tab in DOC General suggests you can change the selected option
  • CDM-6369 Bug - Updating DOC General deletes references
  • CDM-6615 Bug - The window title does not match the menu name for Minister Records in DOC General database
  • CDM-6637 Bug - View and Print buttons on References tab of Minister Records in DOC Regional do not work
  • CDM-6673 Bug - Flagged Minister Email report does not save minister search option for use selected
  • CDM-6674 Bug - List of email notices under Flagged Minister Email notice shows notices associated with individual emails
  • CDM-6680 Bug - Flagged Minister Custom Listing and Export report does not have an Export, Excel or Numbers buttons
  • CDM-6711 Bug - Ministerial Profiles are not showing data related to one in the profile and 4 in each of the references
  • CDM-6725 Bug - Church Minister Report is not printing Church Phones
  • CDM-6742 Bug - Adding a new church under 'Churches' tab of DOC General Minister Record causes SQL Error
  • CDM-6753 Bug - Flagged Minister Report prints the City and State of the flagged church
  • CDM-6755 Bug - Tab order of Church's tab on DOC General Minister Records window is wrong
  • CDM-6892 Bug - Duplicate Minister PINs cause SQL Error
  • CDM-6970 Bug - Importing Background Checks does not delete them from email
  • CDM-6020 Story - Update DOC Minister Church application code to use regional.church_position

DOC Regional Ministry Positions

  • CDM-6445 Bug - Sending a Ministry Position Email gives an error
  • CDM-5532 Story - Ability to jump to a search committee member from Ministry Position Records

Database Browser

  • CDM-119 Story - Allow dragging multiple backups on to Database Browser to restore them
  • CDM-5894 Story - Log deleting a database

Database Integrity

  • CDM-5786 Epic - Eliminate fmindvgroup
  • CDM-5789 Story - Move fmindvgroup to smart views that migrate data to dedicated tables
  • CDM-6386 Story - Review functions for triggers that can be moved to cascading deletes


  • CDM-6004 Story - Remove the text and button about Pro and Standard features from the Demo Setup

Direct Deposit

  • CDM-4474 Story - Include the employee names in the description for direct deposit posting entries


  • CDM-7026 Bug - Funds deleted from fcgivingfund cause an error if not removed from Engage giving sets
  • CDM-6247 Story - Rename engage.payment_settings.income_account_id

Error Reporting

  • CDM-6989 Bug - Provide feedback shows a string table for Inventory Item Quantity Adjustment

Event Registration

  • CDM-6182 Bug - Activity Name Badge report is not sorting by Registrants name
  • CDM-6280 Bug - Related Record for Activity is showing fields that are not associated with Activity
  • CDM-6441 Bug - Saving "More Options" in email notices can create duplicate recipients
  • CDM-6471 Bug - Registration Custom Listing and Activity Custom Listing does not create a new page based on the sort criteria
  • CDM-6519 Bug - Print Registration Name Badge report causes Error
  • CDM-6539 Bug - Printing a Detailed Activity report produces an error
  • CDM-6545 Bug - Posted Registration Payments have Type equal to 'COG Reports'
  • CDM-6560 Bug - The tab order of the Event Record window is not as expected
  • CDM-6584 Bug - The Activity Reports search doesn't group activities by category consistently
  • CDM-6600 Bug - Clicking print in Event Records doesn't yield any printing options
  • CDM-6700 Bug - Cannot print from the Registration Entry window
  • CDM-3553 Story - Add related record finds to Event Records
  • CDM-6309 Story - Add grade to the Event Registration Master List Detail
  • CDM-6455 Story - Allow entering long event descriptions


  • CDM-6085 Bug - Pressing Return from a date/time find field doesn't trigger the find
  • CDM-6146 Bug - Accessing an advanced find for the first time selects Match Primary OR Related Record
  • CDM-6633 Bug - Individual Records- Find does not work for a specific user
  • CDM-6767 Bug - Related Records on Giving Unit Custom Listing and Export has an extra space for Giving Unit User Fields
  • CDM-6823 Bug - Rank is not an available field when adding List Assignment to a related record search
  • CDM-7039 Bug - Unable to search for Individual fields in advanced find
  • CDM-5921 Story - Upgrade the find field list
  • CDM-6057 Story - Add type-to-search to the code drop list for criteria 

Girls Club Reports

  • CDM-6352 Bug - Menu and window title on Girls Clubs Awards Bonus is wrong
  • CDM-6611 Bug - Opening Girls Club Award Setup Records window produces multiple errors


  • CDM-6076 Bug - Adding a new group type from the groups pane does not assign the correct module
  • CDM-6358 Bug - Moving Ranked items around the List Maintenance window causes the list to scroll all the way to the bottom
  • CDM-6403 Bug - Birthday and family status show up on all list maintenance windows
  • CDM-6699 Bug - Adding an address record and gets a SQL error
  • CDM-6745 Bug - Adding a customer to a group produces an error
  • CDM-6904 Bug - Historical enrollments don't show the historical icon in List Maintenance
  • CDM-5788 Story - Create a group assignment table with a universal foreign key
  • CDM-6100 Story - Ability to find on Customer Groups
  • CDM-6104 Story - Ability to add groups as available columns to Customer Custom Listing and Export
  • CDM-6362 Story - Group Ranking field
  • CDM-6370 Story - Replace fmIndvGroup references in functions with new tables


  • CDM-6268 Bug - RemoteDebug is showing as a menu item in CDM+ 11 in Windows
  • CDM-6396 Bug - Installing CDM+ 11 on Windows with the new branding does not put the new logo on the Desktop after update and gives an error when trying to open with the Desktop shortcut
  • CDM-6661 Bug - The application window icon is incorrect
  • CDM-6916 Bug - Installer fails on Windows 7
  • CDM-5770 Story - Investigate notarizing our macOS installers
  • CDM-6949 Story - Bump version 11 macOS installer requirements to High Sierra 


  • CDM-6079 Bug - Daily interest calculations will be off if deposits or withdrawals are entered before interest on the same day
  • CDM-6292 Bug - Adding a Loan Payment Record causing a SQL Error
  • CDM-6459 Bug - Posting deposits or interest in investments shows $0.00 for the ledger
  • CDM-6575 Bug - Opening Loan Investment Support Report causes an Error
  • CDM-6740 Bug - You cannot leave the investment field on loan records when an inactive investment is selcted
  • CDM-6893 Bug - Saving an Investment Record causes SQL Error
  • CDM-6911 Bug - Error when adding/deleting/updating an investment deposit, withdrawal, or interest
  • CDM-6913 Bug - Error when deleting an Investment
  • CDM-7008 Bug - Address on Loan Statement is printing with carriage return
  • CDM-3447 Story - Sort the generate interest report alphabetically by name
  • CDM-6914 Story - Create superclass for investment panes
  • CDM-6915 Story - Enhance the message when there no interest to generate to be more specific

Investor's Heritage

  • CDM-5986 Bug - Family Heritage statements didn't print the address low enough
  • CDM-6356 Bug - A family heritage report printed incorrectly
  • CDM-6246 Story - Replace the Investor's Heritage Logo
  • CDM-6542 Story - Update the Bindery file import to read from a remote host


  • CDM-6143 Bug - Adding a ledger entry does not set transaction date as the current field
  • CDM-6177 Bug - Deleting an unsaved bank rec with cleared items in it causes the cleared items to remain marked as 'cleared"
  • CDM-6205 Bug - Can't set the day of month on a recurring ledger entry check
  • CDM-6263 Bug - Clicking add to add a ledger entry does not generate a new detail line
  • CDM-6327 Bug - Adding a ledger entry tab to second line does not go to account field
  • CDM-6474 Bug - Multi-adding checks goes to the Record tab after the second check
  • CDM-6475 Bug - After adding a check the check tab does not remain active
  • CDM-6571 Bug - The window title for Recurring Ledger Entries is different than menu
  • CDM-6641 Bug - Ledger Entry Screen does not change form when select Check or Deposit
  • CDM-6659 Bug - The Statement End Balance label isn't positioned correctly when adding a bank reconciliation
  • CDM-6694 Bug - Over/Under is not displaying for Monthly Comparison report in Detail Report Type
  • CDM-6900 Bug - Multi-add ledger entries doesn't set the start field
  • CDM-6901 Bug - Multi-add checks doesn't switch to check view
  • CDM-6928 Bug - Recurring Ledger Entry Setup - Will not save a change and gives an error
  • CDM-6934 Bug - Field on entry tab on Recurring Ledger Entry Setup Records gets cut-off
  • CDM-6944 Bug - Trial balance groups entries together under a single reference
  • CDM-6945 Bug - Trial balance composite by date doesn't print debit and credit amounts
  • CDM-6952 Bug - Trail Balance Composite by Account only prints the totals
  • CDM-7011 Bug - Difference amount in the ledger entry record window is partially covered
  • CDM-6940 Story - Replace ledger toolbar buttons on Accounting Toolbar with a separate Ledger Toolbar


  • CDM-3531 Story - Add a cancel button to the window showing logged-in users during a database update
  • CDM-6708 Story - Rotating login images
  • CDM-6800 Story - Remove the version and build number from Login window title

Master Coding System

  • CDM-6039 Bug - Adding a new group on the fly from list maintenance doesn't reset the individual search
  • CDM-6129 Bug - Opening the Master Coding System displays an Omnis error
  • CDM-6428 Bug - Cannot edit user fields
  • CDM-6885 Bug - Master Coding System report
  • CDM-5955 Story - Ranked groups
  • CDM-6342 Story - Migrate the Payment Types code type to the "All" module.

Media Ministry

  • CDM-6754 Bug - Media Label Setup does not print the label preview


  • CDM-6048 Bug - Pastoral Listing doesn't use terms support on the report
  • CDM-6049 Bug - Printing a large number of pastoral records produces an error
  • CDM-6212 Bug - Address Yearbook Directory - using address and visitation Directory- email will not print from visitor records
  • CDM-6271 Bug - Pastoral listing does not display addresses
  • CDM-6284 Bug - Trying to print Pastoral Record Listing report for all dates for a specific family causes Error
  • CDM-6388 Bug - Clicking back to standard off of custom in Address Yearbook Directory creates SQL Error
  • CDM-6408 Bug - Address that includes Country is clipped off at the bottom on Information List Maintenance Individual Information box
  • CDM-6449 Bug - Maximizing address records can leave the window partially offscreen
  • CDM-6500 Bug - Address Custom listing printing Individual names multiple times
  • CDM-6518 Bug - The 'Last Name Bold' checkbox in the 'Individual Names' field on Address Custom Listing and Export does not work
  • CDM-6566 Bug - Mapquest gives error when trying to display location from Address Record window
  • CDM-6593 Bug - Individual List Maintenance is not displaying Position, Date Enrolled, Date De-Enrolled, Term Begin, Term End, but it is displayed when printing an Individual Directory
  • CDM-6625 Bug - Group Ranking field is not sorting properly on Individual Custom Listing and Export Report
  • CDM-6635 Bug - When clicking 'glasses' icon in Address Utilities on Grades such as 1st, 2nd, etc the user gets a SQL Error
  • CDM-6642 Bug - When clicking 'glasses' icon, the user gets no matching record for grades 01 to 09
  • CDM-6657 Bug - Adding a user group to Individual name badges prints the wrong group
  • CDM-6687 Bug - Adding an individual to a Group set to track Detail information adds random characters in the Individual List Maintenance window
  • CDM-6713 Bug - Phonetree Notices are showing under Membership Notices
  • CDM-6736 Bug - Care group does not properly clear when clearing the care group description on address records
  • CDM-6836 Bug - Visitation terms are not displaying as entered in System Preferences
  • CDM-6862 Bug - Address Barcodes don't encode the correct value
  • CDM-6864 Bug - Visitation Records is not showing tabs
  • CDM-6867 Bug - An advanced search in Address Records causes SQL Error
  • CDM-6880 Bug - Adding a Visitation Record causes the fields under the Notes tab to change
  • CDM-6889 Bug - Age prints a 0 instead of the age on individual name badges
  • CDM-6898 Bug - The word 'Custom' no longer displays under Filter Simple Find Results
  • CDM-6906 Bug - Visitation Selected Types is unable to be clicked from the Reports tab on Welcome to Membership
  • CDM-6973 Bug - Right-click on. Tab shows context menu with Reload option. Clicking Reload blows up tabs
  • CDM-6983 Bug - 'Has Photo' field should not appear in the 'Add Field' list in Individual Field Maintenance
  • CDM-6046 Story - Export and custom listings for Pastoral Records
  • CDM-6047 Story - Export and custom listings for Visitation Records
  • CDM-6243 Story - Ability to rename Mileage and Number on Visitation records
  • CDM-6634 Story - Audit Logging is showing Longitude and Latitude as a code name and not a User based field name
  • CDM-6805 Story - Move the Visitation Custom Listing And export menu line to the bottom of the menu

Minister Reports

  • CDM-6744 Bug - Church File Number is not printing on Minister Monthly Report Form
  • CDM-6853 Bug - Minister Report Form should be Minister's Monthly Report Form on the menu line and window

Mobile Provisioning

  • CDM-6186 Bug - Getting CICO events for a mobile provision code throws an error 
  • CDM-6239 Bug - Viewing a mobile provision with selected events for Check-In shows all
  • CDM-6383 Bug - Changing an existing Provision Description to one that already exists causes a SQL Error
  • CDM-6834 Bug - Administration does not require a pin for mobile
  • CDM-6875 Bug - Mobile Provisioning list switches lines after changing a setting
  • CDM-6962 Bug - When editing staff email address for changes from Mobile, the text is cut off
  • CDM-7020 Bug - The Edit Staff window for Mobile Staff Emails has a -14 in title bar
  • CDM-7021 Bug - The label 'Notify Staff of Changes' needs to make the 'o' lower case
  • CDM-6838 Story - Add a cascade delete to fgmobileprovision for mobile.provisionlookup
  • CDM-6850 Story - Add receipts permission to mobile provision setup in Administration
  • CDM-6950 Story - Expose Mobile Receipts for dev and 9566 only


  • CDM-6537 Bug - Menu items are missing the "Records" name
  • CDM-6557 Bug - Church Position Sent Notice menu item has 'Set' rather than 'Sent' in the name
  • CDM-6558 Bug - Church Sent Notice menu item does not open a window
  • CDM-6654 Bug - Program launcher does not recall its position
  • CDM-6675 Bug - Databases with the preference to open a menu item that has changed locations will give a blank in the Open menu start up item and cause SQL Errors
  • CDM-6756 Bug - There is a blank line at the top of the Program menu on Windows for standard versions
  • CDM-6891 Bug - Multiple menu lines/reports say 'Columns' instead of 'Custom Listing'
  • CDM-7027 Bug - Cannot remove the ledger toolbar
  • CDM-6366 Story - Rename Contributions Maintenance Records to Contribution Records
  • CDM-6470 Story - Standardize report menus
  • CDM-6479 Story - Move the accounting sub-menus to the parent menu


  • CDM-6203 Bug - Individual Notice sent results in error message
  • CDM-6303 Bug - Column spacing on the Notice Organizer is off
  • CDM-6321 Bug - Address/Address Block field displays <br /> at the end of the address line and the zip code fields
  • CDM-6404 Bug - Opening Email Outbox throws errors
  • CDM-6415 Bug - Send with Other Application is not showing one recipient when using the link of an individual email address
  • CDM-6450 Bug - Selected lines in Email Outbox get deselected periodically
  • CDM-6472 Bug - Concurrent registrations can cause a server reset
  • CDM-6647 Bug - CDM crashes or does not print letters when printing Visitor letter Assignment or Contribution Letters from Windows
  • CDM-6701 Bug - Visitor Letters do not show up as available notices in Visitor Letter Setup
  • CDM-6929 Bug - Deleting a sent notice from registration entry cause a SQL error
  • CDM-6426 Story - When deleting emails from the outbox, delete all un-sent recipients instead
  • CDM-6427 Story - Ability to select and delete multiple notices at once from the outbox
  • CDM-6528 Story - Ability to sort by name and email on Sent Notice Recipients
  • CDM-6748 Story - Add foreign key validation on the SMTP settings id for emails and sent notices.


  • CDM-6093 Story - Update to Studio 10
  • CDM-6481 Story - Ability to export our Omnis libraries to JSON without receiving errors


  • CDM-6066 Bug - Payroll jump button enabled when there are no visible payrolls
  • CDM-6081 Bug - Posting direct deposit payroll doesn't validate employer FICA accounts
  • CDM-6123 Bug - Payroll Period Detail report displays deleted payroll items
  • CDM-6244 Bug - Payroll setup settings are not pulling over when adding a new employee
  • CDM-6262 Bug - Cannot remove a deduction from an employee record when it is associated with a deleted payroll
  • CDM-6276 Bug - Clicking Change in Payroll Setup does not allow modifying the setup
  • CDM-6343 Bug - Employee name does not print on stub when doing check, stub
  • CDM-6361 Bug - Menu and window title incorrect for Employee Information Records
  • CDM-6374 Bug - Deduction calculations calculate off of tax table even when set to use a flat calculation
  • CDM-6456 Bug - Payroll direct deposit validation requires a vendor for deductions with a $0.00 amount
  • CDM-6576 Bug - Payroll Percentage report title is different from the menu item
  • CDM-6599 Bug - Menu item for Employee Records reads 'Employee Records Records'
  • CDM-6620 Bug - Clicking 'Print' button from Payroll Records window produces 'There are no reports available to print.'
  • CDM-6660 Bug - When Direct Deposit Processing can't be opened the error message has two periods
  • CDM-6665 Bug - Payroll Listing, Summary and Detail reports are not listed in the Welcome to Payroll Reports tab
  • CDM-6668 Bug - Making a change in Payroll Records does not retain the changes
  • CDM-6689 Bug - A negative payroll can prevent working in Payroll Direct Deposit
  • CDM-6770 Bug - Employee Records window prompts for rename upon opening and before setting the window dimensions when Advanced Fund Accounting Posting is enabled in Payroll
  • CDM-6883 Bug - Fields on the Employee Info Tab stay enabled after switching from 'Add' mode to 'View' mode
  • CDM-6067 Story - Allow changing the payer link, state, allowances, and marital status on payroll paid by direct deposit
  • CDM-6072 Story - Download tax manager updates from the server instead of the client
  • CDM-6183 Story - Update Missouri Tax Calculations to eliminate Federal Withholding Allowance after 2019
  • CDM-6314 Story - Verify the email address format on Payer Records
  • CDM-6375 Story - Enhance the Calculation tab on Deduction Setup Records to always load existing tax tables for the deduction
  • CDM-6682 Story - Update payroll calculation windows to refer to Payroll Records


  • CDM-6150 Bug - Default menu item showing string table entries
  • CDM-6270 Bug - Preference pane titles are missing the first character
  • CDM-6308 Bug - Default menu item for Open > Sales Order Reports is empty
  • CDM-6910 Bug - Cannot update the date or time formats in System Preferences
  • CDM-5935 Story - Optimize opening preferences
  • CDM-6378 Story - Allow users to save after clearing the cache when the dates are not filled out

Record Frame

  • CDM-5941 Bug - Record frames don't hold custom column widths
  • CDM-6291 Bug - The record frame window for menu item Loan Payment Records menu item does not include Loan in the menu bar
  • CDM-6339 Bug - If you do a find before replace in the Grid, it will remove the spaces around the word to replace
  • CDM-6434 Bug - The Delete buttons on Record Frame windows are not deleting the item selected
  • CDM-6443 Bug - Add mode cannot add a new record
  • CDM-6561 Bug - Cannot jump to visitor or employee records from connections select record window
  • CDM-6562 Bug - The drop-down menus in Configuration window (Giving Unit Records) on Microsoft Windows is cutoff
  • CDM-6645 Bug - The Configure Sort from the Grid window does not have any options to select
  • CDM-6646 Bug - Print from Grid is showing a Custom Listing window without anything to select
  • CDM-6664 Bug - Configure button shows when the record frame is in configure mode
  • CDM-6760 Bug - Record Frame Tab Bar briefly goes black when switching tabs on Windows
  • CDM-6779 Bug - The program crashes or locks up when opening Church Records in DOC Regional
  • CDM-6806 Bug - The record information fields on the Ledger Records Record tab are not vertically centered
  • CDM-6808 Bug - Complex grids are not showing all columns on record frame tabs
  • CDM-6826 Bug - Opening Email or Phone tabs on Address Records displays the Address tab instead
  • CDM-6828 Bug - Groups tab does not resize fields or have a zoom button when exploded
  • CDM-6831 Bug - Hiding the Email tab on Address Records causes the program to hang or crash
  • CDM-6832 Bug - User is prompted to accept incoming network connections when opening a record frame
  • CDM-6844 Bug - Visitor Records Won't Open - Brings Up Error Message, Freezes CDM+
  • CDM-6847 Bug - Personal tab on Individual Records is not positioned correctly in COG Regional
  • CDM-6856 Bug - Visitation Records Notes Tab does not position correctly
  • CDM-6861 Bug - Adding a record on Individual Records does not open the Name tab properly
  • CDM-6866 Bug - Tabs are missing in CDM+ 11 Build 8786 - the tab area is blank
  • CDM-6890 Bug - When opening the Groups tab from Address, Individual or Giving Units windows, the Groups window cannot be re-sized on both macOS and Windows
  • CDM-6902 Bug - When opening a record frame with the simple find displayed you can't tab to the find field
  • CDM-6926 Bug - Fields on Check-In/Check-out Event Records Event tab are cut off
  • CDM-6935 Bug - When opening a renamed tab, it reverts back to its default name.
  • CDM-6941 Bug - Fields on Deduction Setup Records Calculation tab are not centered correctly
  • CDM-6953 Bug - Record frame divider isn't recalling its position
  • CDM-6954 Bug - Strange Tab Bar behavior when dragging a tab to the end of the bar
  • CDM-6974 Bug - Advanced find is missing configuration options
  • CDM-6975 Bug - Opening a second find list activates the first instead
  • CDM-5912 Epic - Record Frame v3
  • CDM-2850 Story - Clicking Configure should display options in the window
  • CDM-2851 Story - Display the grid inside the record frame window
  • CDM-3162 Story - Update the look and feel of the tabs on the record frame
  • CDM-4249 Story - Move the configure options to all be a record frame preference
  • CDM-5913 Story - Add a common info tab to all record frames
  • CDM-5914 Story - Ability to re-order tabs on record frames
  • CDM-5915 Story - Ability to hide tabs on record frames
  • CDM-5916 Story - Standardize all record window window names to be [Record Description] Records
  • CDM-6117 Story - Update Record Frame controllers to Manage Tables Used by the Record Frame
  • CDM-6249 Story - Default record frame printing to selected record(s)
  • CDM-6490 Story - Move record frame report data into record frame controllers
  • CDM-6510 Story - Optimize opening record frames
  • CDM-6516 Story - Create a sidebar controller to handle using different sidebar options for different record frame windows
  • CDM-6559 Story - The 'Last Modified Date' and 'Modified by' fields should be on the same lines as Date Entered and Entered by fields for a consistent look
  • CDM-6752 Story - Add Tab Settings to Record Frame Options
  • CDM-6810 Story - Update the icon on the on the Record tab
  • CDM-6833 Story - Put tabs back where they were after they have been closed or revealed in the Record Frame
  • CDM-6895 Story - Polish testing on inlining the Record Frame Grid
  • CDM-6921 Story - Prevent hiding or opening tabs during add or change


  • CDM-6698 Bug - Members of Churches are not listing out properly for regional users
  • CDM-6878 Bug - Address and Church Label report is missing Standard Search
  • CDM-380 Story - Move regional features to their toolbar
  • CDM-5787 Story - Create a dedicated church position assignment table
  • CDM-6480 Story - Move regional items to their own menu
  • CDM-6592 Story - Move the Church and Regional system preferences to the Regional tab
  • CDM-6794 Story - Add a Regional Welcome window
  • CDM-6795 Story - Add Regional to the program welcome menu and General toolbar

Report Frame

  • CDM-6465 Bug - Excel opens behind CDM+ when printing to Excel
  • CDM-6624 Bug - Excel button is not showing on a PC
  • CDM-6757 Bug - Excel is not detected on Windows 7
  • CDM-6766 Bug - Custom Listing Data Preview is missing field labels
  • CDM-5917 Epic - Report Frame v3
  • CDM-5560 Story - Merge Custom Listing and Export Reports
  • CDM-5918 Story - Add an spreadsheet app destination
  • CDM-6768 Story - Change "Custom Listing" to "Columns" on Custom Listing/Export reports
  • CDM-6971 Story - Use a better method to deterine if Excel is installed


  • CDM-6087 Bug - Changing Roommate Recurring creates duplicate event instances
  • CDM-6128 Bug - 'Records' appears twice on Advanced Find for Event Custom Listing
  • CDM-6144 Bug - Roommate Calendar Day View does not align the time headers properly. 
  • CDM-6179 Bug - Opening the Event Schedule doesn't apply the last selected view
  • CDM-6299 Bug - Loading events with Custom view can generate an error
  • CDM-6368 Bug - Set Fee Button Creates Duplicate Events for Events That Are Not Recurring
  • CDM-6385 Bug - Billings tab fields are disable for non-posted events
  • CDM-6482 Bug - Previewing invoice generation for an event prevent changing its occurrence
  • CDM-6499 Bug - When entering an overnight event, you get a conflict with an event that is not within the time frame of the event
  • CDM-6532 Bug - Creating a new event in Roommate causes SQL Error
  • CDM-6565 Bug - The Roommate menu should read 'Resource Records' not 'Resources'
  • CDM-6608 Bug - Clicking 'Print' button from Resource Records window produces 'There are no reports available to print.'
  • CDM-6644 Bug - Roommate Calendar prints with lines down the page
  • CDM-6697 Bug - Modifying a Roommate event causes a conflict to be displayed that does not relate to the change
  • CDM-6772 Bug - Set Fee option in Roommate Inspector is only setting the fees for the current day
  • CDM-6790 Bug - Change "Recurrence Ending Date" to "Recurrence Ending Date" in Event fields
  • CDM-6814 Bug - The customer and invoice fields on Event Information should only be available if the user has permission to view customers
  • CDM-6816 Bug - The Roommate Schedule does not redraw properly when changing Roommate preferences
  • CDM-6854 Bug - The tabs pane on Event Info is positioned too far left
  • CDM-6951 Bug - The Reports tab in Welcome to Roommate has incorrect report types and no reports appear on the right-hand side
  • CDM-2117 Story - Function/Field manager field to list all the rooms for a roommate event
  • CDM-5907 Story - Ability to link a customer to an event
  • CDM-5908 Story - Ability to define an income account for posting Roommate events
  • CDM-5909 Story - Ability to generate Accounts Receivable invoices for Roommate events
  • CDM-5911 Story - Remove payments from Roommate Events
  • CDM-5953 Story - Add an Events tab to Customer Records
  • CDM-6089 Story - Use the user-defined format for events on the day view
  • CDM-6096 Story - Add room numbers to the rooms list when adding an event
  • CDM-6125 Story - Migrate the Event Listing report to the Event Custom Listing
  • CDM-6126 Story - Add a Resources column to the Event Custom Listing
  • CDM-6127 Story - Add a configuration column to the Event Custom Listing
  • CDM-6168 Story - Migrate billing date to notes
  • CDM-6169 Story - Remove the billing date from events
  • CDM-6171 Story - Disable changing fields on the billing tab after generating an invoice
  • CDM-6172 Story - Add the invoice number and a jump button to the Billing tab on Events
  • CDM-6173 Story - Post invoices from Roommate with the event start date as the invoice date
  • CDM-6216 Story - Add styling options to elements on the schedule display
  • CDM-6227 Story - Add a preference to set the sort on the event schedule
  • CDM-6236 Story - Add customer to the query class for Event Custom Listing
  • CDM-6304 Story - Ability to add customer name and code to the event inspector
  • CDM-6316 Story - Adjust invoice posting to not track links on event instance records
  • CDM-6440 Story - Change the name of 'Contacts' menu item to 'Contact Records' to make them consistent
  • CDM-6506 Story - Events for Period field on customers
  • CDM-6509 Story - Ability to press select an event on the Schedule and press the delete key to delete it

Sales Orders

  • CDM-6218 Bug - "Quantity" header is wrapping on Sales Orders 
  • CDM-6234 Bug - Payments are missing from the Sales Orders report
  • CDM-6242 Bug - Sales Order prompts "Please select a giving unit" instead of "Please select a customer"
  • CDM-6317 Bug - Sales Order not displaying correct discount on multiple lines
  • CDM-6318 Bug - Sales Order report has line through numbers
  • CDM-6319 Bug - Inventory items and sales lines will not allow negative numbers
  • CDM-6331 Bug - All line items list the same quantity when warning the user of a negative quantity
  • CDM-6332 Bug - Line item values get calculated each time it is redrawn
  • CDM-6333 Bug - The cursor does not default to the customer drop down menu when adding/changing a sales order record
  • CDM-6334 Bug - A value cannot be set for a flat discount
  • CDM-6336 Bug - Adding a new Sales Order Payment type gives error
  • CDM-6337 Bug - Using an adjustment of none on a sales order with a standard discount
  • CDM-6402 Bug - Deleting a customer does not delete related sales order records
  • CDM-6420 Bug - A blank giving fund in Sales Orders causes a SQL Error
  • CDM-6586 Bug - Sales Order Line Item Custom Listing and Export report gives an error when you include ID and in columns and the sort
  • CDM-6636 Bug - Sales order and invoice shows items sorted differently
  • CDM-6737 Bug - Sales Order freezes program when saving
  • CDM-6791 Bug - Quantity Adjustment custom listing and export has string table in the description
  • CDM-6863 Bug - Selecting a customer in Sales Order record causes the window to show only the address
  • CDM-6896 Bug - Inventory Item Quantity Adjustment Custom Listing and Export has the wrong title
  • CDM-6923 Bug - The Sales Orders welcome window can be resized
  • CDM-6988 Bug - Printing a Sales Orders report with an alternate shipping address displays a 0 for the customer name
  • CDM-5944 Story - Ability to link Sales Orders to customers
  • CDM-5945 Story - Link Sales Orders to Giving Units as a customization
  • CDM-6130 Story - Sales Orders default Order date to current date
  • CDM-6159 Story - After saving a sales order prompt to print a sales order report for the new record
  • CDM-6223 Story - Default to a flat discount for inventory items with no price
  • CDM-6224 Story - Set the amount for the default sales order payment line to the order total
  • CDM-6225 Story - Add a jump button to the customer lookup field
  • CDM-6226 Story - Add the customer's balance to the customer lookup on Sales Orders
  • CDM-6293 Story - Remove balance due from the Sales Order report for PSM
  • CDM-6782 Story - Add a Welcome window for Sales Order
  • CDM-6783 Story - Add Sales Orders to the program launcher and general toolbar
  • CDM-6817 Story - Add a default filter for active Inventory Items

Search and Call

  • CDM-6486 Bug - City and State is not showing on Flagged Minister report under Congregations
  • CDM-6614 Bug - Clicking 'Print' button from Search and Call Ministry Position Records window produces 'There are no reports available to print.'
  • CDM-6918 Bug - Minister Custom Listing and export menu and window title bar do not match
  • CDM-6240 Story - Revert the 2019 profile to 2016
  • CDM-6852 Story - Re-order the Search and Call Listing menu

Search and Call Flagging

  • CDM-6508 Story - Provide Flagged Minister Custom Listing

Search and Call Regional

  • CDM-6206 Story - Create default filter for Ministry Position to exclude completed searches

Setup Assistant

  • CDM-6761 Bug - Cursor remains as a waiting icon during setup on Windows
  • CDM-3741 Story - Use the modern database naming convention when creating new databases

Stewardship Technology

  • CDM-6222 Story - Gracefully handle bad data when caching SST states
  • CDM-6550 Story - SST to Engage migration functions

Suran Omnis Framework

  • CDM-6302 Bug - System Information is missing a build date and shows a bogus IP 
  • CDM-6405 Bug - 'UTC' is not supported as a valid Time Zone
  • CDM-6513 Bug - Using the method profiles generates an Omnis error
  • CDM-541 Story - Reformatting phone numbers should be fast on a remote connection
  • CDM-1838 Story - The SQL helper on the SQL Command Line doesn't built schema-qualified table names
  • CDM-2351 Story - Change all tab references on the record frame to be by class name instead of position
  • CDM-5407 Story - Port the Reset fgSequence special function to a postgresql function
  • CDM-5411 Story - Replace testing subclasses with the mocker
  • CDM-6807 Story - Enhance the headed list box smart field to show a large Add button when there are no records displayed

Tax Forms

  • CDM-6467 Story - Move taxmanager functions to a separate schema


  • CDM-6030 Story - Migrate terms for customers to standard Terms system
  • CDM-6726 Story - Update the Gift area of Administration > Users so the terminology is more consistent with DonorWorks

Treasurer Reports

  • CDM-6180 Bug - Looking up a church by code when entering Treasurer's Report Records will crash the program on Windows
  • CDM-6198 Bug - Changing a 99 Treasurer Report back to a regular report causes the program to crash
  • CDM-6681 Bug - Tabbing through 'Summary' tab of Treasurer Report window causes errors
  • CDM-6774 Bug - CDM crashes when entering Treasurers Reports
  • CDM-6775 Bug - COG Treasurer Report will not carry over the next month
  • CDM-6776 Bug - COG Treasurers Report is not carrying over the church and treasurer information
  • CDM-6784 Bug - COG Treasuer Report is not showing Statistical Data info on selected record 
  • CDM-6957 Bug - Adding Treasurer Report records, the cursor is not entering the first field of each tab and tab order is not working properly
  • CDM-6618 Story - Allow for a 99 report to be entered without adjusting an entered report


  • CDM-5981 Bug - Error updating a database from 10.2.5 to 11.0
  • CDM-6070 Bug - Updating DOC regional database causes SQL error
  • CDM-6077 Bug - Error updating to build 8388
  • CDM-6266 Bug - Error Updating from version
  • CDM-6267 Bug - Updating the COG Regional master testing database produces a SQL error
  • CDM-6285 Bug - Updating the program generates errors
  • CDM-6287 Bug - CDM 11 will not update from inside the program
  • CDM-6422 Bug - Get a Reorganization Error when updating CDM+ DOC Regional database 
  • CDM-6423 Bug - Updating to CDM+ 11 can lose church position assignments and manual voting assignments
  • CDM-6497 Bug - Updating COG Regional database to CDM+ 11 from CDM+ 10.2.6
  • CDM-6549 Bug - Updating a v2/v3 database to CDM+ 11 causes an error
  • CDM-6917 Bug - Updating to CDM+ throws an error
  • CDM-7041 Bug - An error occurs updated a 9.1r13 database
  • CDM-3803 Story - When updating a database log its current build number and version
  • CDM-5942 Story - Prefer web update downloads from the download site over embedded updates
  • CDM-6090 Story - Add feedback during the migration that splits fmindvgroup

User Customizations

  • CDM-5653 Epic - PSM
  • CDM-6152 Story - Include an individual email address and gender on the Who's Where export
  • CDM-6175 Story - Add the number of events for the current year for the customer to statements
  • CDM-6178 Story - Ability to set the event fee from the inspector
  • CDM-6219 Story - Ability to generate Fill-In invoices
  • CDM-6229 Story - Assign event description from the event customer
  • CDM-6300 Story - Add the number of event attendance to detailed statements for PSM
  • CDM-6324 Story - GUI interface to post AR payments from Sales Orders
  • CDM-6357 Story - Add November and December 2018 attendance points
  • CDM-6395 Story - Statement Block Customization
  • CDM-6397 Story - Set Fees should only affect events with a fee
  • CDM-6419 Story - Display November/December Attendance Points with 1 decimal place
  • CDM-6672 Story - Allow Attendance Points to be set from Event Info
  • CDM-6946 Story - Enable CDM-2638 for UID 1374
  • CDM-7022 Story - Change Attendance Points for PSM to print the current Nov-Oct season

User Fields

  • CDM-6213 Bug - Using the arrows keys to navigate user field maintenance loses un-saved changes
  • CDM-6253 Bug - Adding a user field type doesn't redraw available fields on User Field Maintenance
  • CDM-6548 Bug - When adding a record user field types are limited to that record type
  • CDM-6655 Bug - Adding a user field type on the fly causes additional types to become available
  • CDM-6690 Bug - User Field Maintenance is missing sidebar actions
  • CDM-6707 Bug - Adding a raw data field from user field maintenance doesn't add the field
  • CDM-3367 Story - Sort user fields by their type
  • CDM-6715 Story - Read user fields with read-only access
  • CDM-6716 Story - Report errors reading user fields


  • CDM-6155 Story - Replace the Log tab in Utilities with a button to reveal the current log file on disk
  • CDM-6488 Story - Sort the SQL helped by schema.table name
  • CDM-6839 Story - Create a messaging window that uses radio buttons

Women's Reports

  • CDM-6207 Bug - Cannot add quarter and year when submitting WM reports 
  • CDM-6521 Bug - Church drop down arrow is obscured on women's reports 
  • CDM-6579 Bug - Headers of the Women's Financial Summary by Designation report show string designations rather than the header names