CDM+ 11.0 May 2019 Beta

Submitted by Alex Clay on Wed, 05/22/2019 - 11:11

Before installing CDM+ 11.0

Backup your data

Back all databases that will be updated to CDM+ 11.0. If you're on Data Hosting you can contact support to make a backup or simply rely on the nightly backup.

Ensure all computers that will run CDM+ 11.0 meet the system requirements


Download and install CDM+ using the links above. This will remove previous versions of CDM+ from your computer. Open CDM+ 11.0 and update your database, then begin using CDM+ normally.

IMPORTANT: Once a database has been updated to version 11.0 it cannot be downgraded to an earlier version. CDM+ beta releases have been tested by Suran staff and Suran feels they are solid enough for production use. However, you may wish to use the CDM+ beta on a test copy of your database first if you have mission critical functions that need to be tested with your own data and environment before deploying to production. Report any issue to tech support and priority will be given in fixing them or providing an acceptable workaround.

Highlights in CDM+ 11.0

Accounts Receivable

  • Email statements
  • Groups on Customer Records
  • User Fields on Customer Records
  • Detail option on statements
  • Can search by exact customer code when entering payments and invoices
  • Emailing invoices is faster and more secure
  • Support for Engage Billing (coming June 2019)


  • Updated the application logo and icon


  • Can find on check-in records from check-in/check-out event records


  • Emailing statements is faster and more secure
  • The Giving Funds and Batches reports are now responsive

Custom Listings

  • Can turn off line numbers

Event Registration

  • Added related record finds to Event Records


  • Support Ranked groups


  • All record frames names and menu items have been standardized to "[Record Type] Records"

Record Frames

  • Printing results now defaults to selected records

Report Frame

  • Can send reports to Excel and Numbers (macOS only; Windows support for Excel coming soon)


  • New field to show rooms and their configurations on Event Custom Listing
  • New field to show resources on Event Custom Listing
  • Can link events to Accounts Receivable Customers
  • Can generate Accounts Receivable Invoices for events
  • The day view now uses the schedule format
  • The rooms drop list on Event Information now shows the room number
  • The schedule format can be enhanced with bolding, italics, underlines, and colors
  • You can now customize how events sort on the schedul;e

Sales Orders

  • New module
  • Tracks inventory with quantity
  • Tracks sales orders for a point of sale


  • Download a core update is faster for hosted users


  • Removed the internal log view and added a button to reveal the current log file

All Issues resolved in CDM+ 11.0


  • CDM-6132 Bug - Opening Deposit Processing creates an Omnis error
  • CDM-6158 Bug - Size and position of Deposit Processing window is not recalled
  • CDM-6338 Bug - Saving a particular accrued invoice causes program to hang
  • CDM-6354 Bug - Account Balances report does not sort as expected
  • CDM-6364 Bug - Marking a Deposit for Processing causes a SQL Error
  • CDM-6394 Bug - Opening Ledger Entry window causes a SQL Error
  • CDM-6399 Bug - Bank Reconciliation window does not always reload bank recs when selecting an account

Accounts Payable

  • CDM-6084 Bug - Error "AP entry cannot have a check grouping without a payment"
  • CDM-6092 Bug - Creating Invoices from Recurring creates Individual Invoice Lines based on the number of lines on the Recurring Invoice
  • CDM-6295 Bug - AP Posting Report is not including cents on report
  • CDM-6345 Bug - Write Checks opens even though no checks have been paid but not posted nor invoices marked for payment

Accounts Receivable

  • CDM-6013 Bug - Apply First to Invoice field remains populated after changing customers
  • CDM-6069 Bug - Cannot create new customer if user fields are added
  • CDM-6094 Bug - Error attempting to save new customer record
  • CDM-6124 Bug - Invoices posted from Roommate won't print on the invoice report
  • CDM-6147 Bug - Jumping from individuals to customer generates an error
  • CDM-6221 Bug - Adding a group when adding a customer causes an error
  • CDM-6235 Bug - Cannot create a one-day statement
  • CDM-6254 Bug - Clicking the Statements button on the Accounting toolbar doesn't do anything
  • CDM-6255 Bug - Aging Invoices report not calculating correctly
  • CDM-6286 Bug - Cannot select a customer in AR Payments
  • CDM-6325 Bug - Clicking 'Select Address' on a Customer Record causes a SQL Error
  • CDM-6341 Bug - Entered Date and Posted to Ledger Date are affected when you increase the size of the Accounts Receivable Payment Records window
  • CDM-6359 Bug - AR Payments shows Change and Delete options when the invoice/payment is in a Statement date range
  • CDM-6381 Bug - The cursor when using Multi-Add in Accounts Receivable Payments window is placed in the last field used rather than in the Customer field
  • CDM-6384 Bug - Unable to add accounts receivable invoices
  • CDM-6390 Bug - An added Accounts Receivable Payment shows up twice in Results List
  • CDM-1057 Story - Ability to email Accounts Receivable Statements
  • CDM-1635 Story - Add Groups to Customer Records
  • CDM-4083 Story - Add User Fields to Customer Records
  • CDM-4138 Story - Add the Show Invoice Detail option to the Statements report
  • CDM-5790 Story - Ability to link Customer Records to Individuals
  • CDM-5963 Story - Add a source to Accounts Receivable payments
  • CDM-6014 Story - Add Account Schedule GUID to AR Payments
  • CDM-6015 Story - Ability to process AR Payments from Deposit Processing
  • CDM-6116 Story - Add an empty list message to the Individuals tab on Customer Records
  • CDM-6148 Story - Ability to search customer lookup by customer name
  • CDM-6149 Story - Make exact match on customer codes standard
  • CDM-6174 Story - Exclude payments from Engage when posting payments
  • CDM-6219 Story - Ability to generate Fill-In invoices
  • CDM-6237 Story - Remove the quantity and cost from the detail statement report if 0 or 1
  • CDM-6238 Story - Add a button to print a detail statement from the expanded customer lookup
  • CDM-6300 Story - Add the number of event attendance to detailed statements for PSM
  • CDM-6312 Story - Re-work posting AR payments to not use window level events
  • CDM-6324 Story - GUI interface to post AR payments from Sales Orders
  • CDM-6346 Story - Prevent creating Accounts Receivable Invoices and Payments on a date where a statement exists
  • CDM-6348 Story - Delete the Reset AR Statements special function
  • CDM-6349 Story - Remove "Accounts Receivable" from Customer Go actions


  • CDM-744 Story - Change the terminology used when disconnecting a user from the logged-in user window


  • CDM-6106 Bug - Restoring from an Archived database and gets the following message: "fgwindowPreferences cannot contain a blank key"
  • CDM-6310 Bug - Archiving individual group assignments fails

COG Awards

  • CDM-6252 Bug - SQL error when clicking on awards setup tab in church records
  • CDM-6351 Bug - The Girls Clubs Awards Bonus window is blank

COG Voting

  • CDM-3481 Story - Create a dedicated table for manual voting session assignments

Chart of Accounts

  • CDM-6153 Bug - Account Usage window shows code string instead of plural term for giving fund


  • CDM-6163 Story - Add Check-In records as a related record for Check-In Check-Out Events


  • CDM-6045 Bug - Adding a giving unit from Batch Contributions does not link individuals to the giving unit
  • CDM-6053 Bug - The Giving Fund Set report has visual issues
  • CDM-6105 Bug - Selecting a Canadian Receipt does not refresh details
  • CDM-6245 Bug - Generating a Canadian Receipts produces SQL error
  • CDM-6260 Bug - Clicking 'Restore Records' during the deletion process of a posted contribution record produces an error
  • CDM-6279 Bug - Contribution Maintenance window menu bar shows a -14
  • CDM-6282 Bug - Payroll and Giving Unit managers are not initialized when logging in to the program
  • CDM-6297 Bug - Changing the find field on Giving Unit Record simple find does not change the find criteria
  • CDM-6298 Bug - Contribution Custom Listing report Clipboard or Text File is not parsing fields properly
  • CDM-6307 Bug - Less than or equal to modifier is not showing in Giving Unit Record window
  • CDM-6328 Bug - The check number field does not appear in Batch Contributions entry when selecting Check payment type in Windows
  • CDM-6335 Bug - Actual vs Pledge report generates an error with specific search setup
  • CDM-6344 Bug - Clicking Load in Batch Contribution Entry causes error
  • CDM-6365 Bug - Contribution Export Report - List Results are not correct
  • CDM-4452 Story - Update the Giving Funds report to be responsive
  • CDM-5180 Story - Enhance giving statement, AR Invoice, and AR Statement emailing to use in-memory PDFs
  • CDM-6050 Story - Reload event lists on contributions windows when events change
  • CDM-6051 Story - Upgrade the Batches report to be responsive

Custom Listing

  • CDM-6204 Bug - Start Time & End Time displays as Jan 1 2000 on Event Custom Listing
  • CDM-6233 Bug - Subtotals on the custom listing column print one line lower
  • CDM-6214 Story - Ability to turn off line numbers on the Custom Listing Columns format

DOC Church

  • CDM-6199 Bug - Special Giving section of Church Record Yearbook tab has two User 3 fields

DOC Ministers

  • CDM-6156 Bug - Minister Association display returns to All after applying when filtered for Unassigned
  • CDM-6322 Bug - The circulation tab in DOC General suggests you can change the selected option
  • CDM-6369 Bug - Updating DOC General deletes references
  • CDM-6020 Story - Update DOC Minister Church application code to use regional.church_position

Database Integrity

  • CDM-5786 Epic - Eliminate fmindvgroup
  • CDM-5789 Story - Move fmindvgroup to smart views that migrate data to dedicated tables


  • CDM-6004 Story - Remove the text and button about Pro and Standard features from the Demo Setup


  • CDM-6247 Story - Rename engage.payment_settings.income_account_id

Event Registration

  • CDM-6182 Bug - Activity Name Badge report is not sorting by Registrants name
  • CDM-6280 Bug - Related Record for Activity is showing fields that are not associated with Activity
  • CDM-3553 Story - Add related record finds to Event Records


  • CDM-6085 Bug - Pressing Return from a date/time find field doesn't trigger the find
  • CDM-6146 Bug - Accessing an advanced find for the first time selects Match Primary OR Related Record

Girls Club Reports

  • CDM-6352 Bug - Menu and window title on Girls Clubs Awards Bonus is wrong


  • CDM-6076 Bug - Adding a new group type from the groups pane does not assign the correct module
  • CDM-6403 Bug - Birthday and family status show up on all list maintenance windows
  • CDM-5788 Story - Create a group assignment table with a universal foreign key
  • CDM-6100 Story - Ability to find on Customer Groups
  • CDM-6104 Story - Ability to add groups as available columns to Customer Custom Listing and Export
  • CDM-6362 Story - Group Ranking field


  • CDM-6268 Bug - RemoteDebug is showing as a menu item in CDM+ 11 in Windows
  • CDM-6396 Bug - Installing CDM+ 11 on Windows with the new branding does not put the new logo on the Desktop after update and gives an error when trying to open with the Desktop shortcut


  • CDM-6079 Bug - Daily interest calculations will be off if deposits or withdrawals are entered before interest on the same day
  • CDM-6292 Bug - Adding a Loan Payment Record causing a SQL Error

Investor's Heritage

  • CDM-5986 Bug - Family Heritage statements didn't print the address low enough
  • CDM-6246 Story - Replace the Investor's Heritage Logo


  • CDM-6143 Bug - Adding a ledger entry does not set transaction date as the current field
  • CDM-6177 Bug - Deleting an unsaved bank rec with cleared items in it causes the cleared items to remain marked as 'cleared"
  • CDM-6205 Bug - Can't set the day of month on a recurring ledger entry check
  • CDM-6263 Bug - Clicking add to add a ledger entry does not generate a new detail line
  • CDM-6327 Bug - Adding a ledger entry tab to second line does not go to account field


  • CDM-3531 Story - Add a cancel button to the window showing logged-in users during a database update

Master Coding System

  • CDM-6039 Bug - Adding a new group on the fly from list maintenance doesn't reset the individual search
  • CDM-6129 Bug - Opening the Master Coding System displays an Omnis error
  • CDM-5955 Story - Ranked groups
  • CDM-6342 Story - Migrate the Payment Types code type to the "All" module.


  • CDM-6048 Bug - Pastoral Listing doesn't use terms support on the report
  • CDM-6049 Bug - Printing a large number of pastoral records produces an error
  • CDM-6212 Bug - Address Yearbook Directory - using address and visitation Directory- email will not print from visitor records
  • CDM-6271 Bug - Pastoral listing does not display addresses
  • CDM-6284 Bug - Trying to print Pastoral Record Listing report for all dates for a specific family causes Error
  • CDM-6388 Bug - Clicking back to standard off of custom in Address Yearbook Directory creates SQL Error
  • CDM-6408 Bug - Address that includes Country is clipped off at the bottom on Information List Maintenance Individual Information box

Mobile Provisioning

  • CDM-6186 Bug - Getting CICO events for a mobile provision code throws an error 
  • CDM-6239 Bug - Viewing a mobile provision with selected events for Check-In shows all
  • CDM-6383 Bug - Changing an existing Provision Description to one that already exists causes a SQL Error


  • CDM-6366 Story - Rename Contributions Maintenance Records to Contribution Records


  • CDM-6203 Bug - Individual Notice sent results in error message
  • CDM-6303 Bug - Column spacing on the Notice Organizer is off
  • CDM-6321 Bug - Address/Address Block field displays <br /> at the end of the address line and the zip code fields
  • CDM-6404 Bug - Opening Email Outbox throws errors


  • CDM-6093 Story - Update to Studio 10


  • CDM-6066 Bug - Payroll jump button enabled when there are no visible payrolls
  • CDM-6081 Bug - Posting direct deposit payroll doesn't validate employer FICA accounts
  • CDM-6123 Bug - Payroll Period Detail report displays deleted payroll items
  • CDM-6244 Bug - Payroll setup settings are not pulling over when adding a new employee
  • CDM-6262 Bug - Cannot remove a deduction from an employee record when it is associated with a deleted payroll
  • CDM-6276 Bug - Clicking Change in Payroll Setup does not allow modifying the setup
  • CDM-6361 Bug - Menu and window title incorrect for Employee Information Records
  • CDM-6374 Bug - Deduction calculations calculate off of tax table even when set to use a flat calculation
  • CDM-6375 Story - Enhance the Calculation tab on Deduction Setup Records to always load existing tax tables for the deduction


  • CDM-6150 Bug - Default menu item showing string table entries
  • CDM-6270 Bug - Preference pane titles are missing the first character
  • CDM-6308 Bug - Default menu item for Open > Sales Order Reports is empty
  • CDM-6378 Story - Allow users to save after clearing the cache when the dates are not filled out

Record Frame

  • CDM-5941 Bug - Record frames don't hold custom column widths
  • CDM-6291 Bug - The record frame window for menu item Loan Payment Records menu item does not include Loan in the menu bar
  • CDM-6339 Bug - If you do a find before replace in the Grid, it will remove the spaces around the word to replace
  • CDM-5916 Story - Standardize all record window window names to be [Record Description] Records
  • CDM-6117 Story - Update Record Frame controllers to Manage Tables Used by the Record Frame
  • CDM-6249 Story - Default record frame printing to selected record(s)


  • CDM-5787 Story - Create a dedicated church position assignment table

Report Frame

  • CDM-5918 Story - Add an spreadsheet app destination


  • CDM-6128 Bug - 'Records' appears twice on Advanced Find for Event Custom Listing
  • CDM-6144 Bug - Roommate Calendar Day View does not align the time headers properly. 
  • CDM-6179 Bug - Opening the Event Schedule doesn't apply the last selected view
  • CDM-6299 Bug - Loading events with Custom view can generate an error
  • CDM-6368 Bug - Set Fee Button Creates Duplicate Events for Events That Are Not Recurring
  • CDM-6385 Bug - Billings tab fields are disable for non-posted events
  • CDM-2117 Story - Function/Field manager field to list all the rooms for a roommate event
  • CDM-5907 Story - Ability to link a customer to an event
  • CDM-5908 Story - Ability to define an income account for posting Roommate events
  • CDM-5909 Story - Ability to generate Accounts Receivable invoices for Roommate events
  • CDM-5911 Story - Remove payments from Roommate Events
  • CDM-5953 Story - Add an Events tab to Customer Records
  • CDM-6089 Story - Use the user-defined format for events on the day view
  • CDM-6096 Story - Add room numbers to the rooms list when adding an event
  • CDM-6126 Story - Add a Resources column to the Event Custom Listing
  • CDM-6127 Story - Add a configuration column to the Event Custom Listing
  • CDM-6168 Story - Migrate billing date to notes
  • CDM-6169 Story - Remove the billing date from events
  • CDM-6171 Story - Disable changing fields on the billing tab after generating an invoice
  • CDM-6172 Story - Add the invoice number and a jump button to the Billing tab on Events
  • CDM-6173 Story - Post invoices from Roommate with the event start date as the invoice date
  • CDM-6216 Story - Add styling options to elements on the schedule display
  • CDM-6227 Story - Add a preference to set the sort on the event schedule
  • CDM-6229 Story - Assign event description from the event customer
  • CDM-6236 Story - Add customer to the query class for Event Custom Listing
  • CDM-6304 Story - Ability to add customer name and code to the event inspector
  • CDM-6316 Story - Adjust invoice posting to not track links on event instance records

Sales Orders

  • CDM-6218 Bug - "Quantity" header is wrapping on Sales Orders 
  • CDM-6234 Bug - Payments are missing from the Sales Orders report
  • CDM-6242 Bug - Sales Order prompts "Please select a giving unit" instead of "Please select a customer"
  • CDM-6317 Bug - Sales Order not displaying correct discount on multiple lines
  • CDM-6318 Bug - Sales Order report has line through numbers
  • CDM-6319 Bug - Inventory items and sales lines will not allow negative numbers
  • CDM-6331 Bug - All line items list the same quantity when warning the user of a negative quantity
  • CDM-6332 Bug - Line item values get calculated each time it is redrawn
  • CDM-6333 Bug - The cursor does not default to the customer drop down menu when adding/changing a sales order record
  • CDM-6334 Bug - A value cannot be set for a flat discount
  • CDM-6336 Bug - Adding a new Sales Order Payment type gives error
  • CDM-6337 Bug - Using an adjustment of none on a sales order with a standard discount
  • CDM-6402 Bug - Deleting a customer does not delete related sales order records
  • CDM-5944 Story - Ability to link Sales Orders to customers
  • CDM-5945 Story - Link Sales Orders to Giving Units as a customization
  • CDM-6130 Story - Sales Orders default Order date to current date
  • CDM-6159 Story - After saving a sales order prompt to print a sales order report for the new record
  • CDM-6223 Story - Default to a flat discount for inventory items with no price
  • CDM-6224 Story - Set the amount for the default sales order payment line to the order total
  • CDM-6225 Story - Add a jump button to the customer lookup field
  • CDM-6226 Story - Add the customer's balance to the customer lookup on Sales Orders
  • CDM-6293 Story - Remove balance due from the Sales Order report for PSM

Setup Assistant

  • CDM-3741 Story - Use the modern database naming convention when creating new databases

Suran Omnis Framework

  • CDM-6302 Bug - System Information is missing a build date and shows a bogus IP 
  • CDM-5411 Story - Replace testing subclasses with the mocker


  • CDM-6030 Story - Migrate terms for customers to standard Terms system

Treasurer Reports

  • CDM-6198 Bug - Changing a 99 Treasurer Report back to a regular report causes the program to crash


  • CDM-5981 Bug - Error updating a database from 10.2.5 to 11.0
  • CDM-6070 Bug - Updating DOC regional database causes SQL error
  • CDM-6077 Bug - Error updating to build 8388
  • CDM-6266 Bug - Error Updating from version
  • CDM-6267 Bug - Updating the COG Regional master testing database produces a SQL error
  • CDM-6285 Bug - Updating the program generates errors
  • CDM-6287 Bug - CDM 11 will not update from inside the program
  • CDM-3803 Story - When updating a database log its current build number and version
  • CDM-5942 Story - Prefer web update downloads from the download site over embedded updates
  • CDM-6090 Story - Add feedback during the migration that splits fmindvgroup

User Customizations

  • CDM-6152 Story - Include an individual email address and gender on the Who's Where export
  • CDM-6175 Story - Add the number of events for the current year for the customer to statements
  • CDM-6178 Story - Ability to set the event fee from the inspector
  • CDM-6357 Story - Add November and December 2018 attendance points
  • CDM-6397 Story - Set Fees should only affect events with a fee

User Fields

  • CDM-6213 Bug - Using the arrows keys to navigate user field maintenance loses un-saved changes
  • CDM-6253 Bug - Adding a user field type doesn't redraw available fields on User Field Maintenance


  • CDM-6155 Story - Replace the Log tab in Utilities with a button to reveal the current log file on disk

Women's Reports

  • CDM-6207 Bug - Cannot add quarter and year when submitting WM reports