Filter Ministry Position Records

Submitted by Dean Phelps on Thu, 02/28/2019 - 09:42

The Congregational Profile Web Ministry Tool makes it possible for Disciples regions to keep a history of congregational profiles in their CDM+ database. When a search committee uses the Tool to create their congregational profile, that profile can be recalled by clicking Profile in the sidebar. 

Ministry Position Profile sidebar link

As long as the Ministry Position Record (formerly known as Congregations in Process) remains in the database, the congregational profile will be maintained.

In many regions, the practice had been to delete Ministry Position Records once the search was completed. Now, retaining the records provides a history of searches with profiles developed using the Congregational Profile Tool. However, this can create a long list when you show all of your Ministry Position Records.

Search Status

CDM+ 10.2 added a Status field to the Ministry Position information. A search can be set to one of four statuses: Preparing Profile, Circulating Profile, On Hold, and Complete.

Ministry Position Information

You can create a filter that will hide searches where the Status is Complete when doing a simple find or Show All on Ministry Position Records. This will keep completed searches out of the way when searching for active Ministry Position Records.

How to Create a Filter

To start building a filter, click Configure at the bottom of the Ministry Position Record sidebar.

Configure sidebar

In the window that opens, look in the Filter Simple Find Results section. Choose Custom, then click Configure to define your filter.

Filter Simple Find Results

An Advanced Find window will open. For the filter, you want to allow all searches that are not Complete to pass through the filter. So define a search for Ministry Position Records where the Status is not equal to Complete.

Build search for a custom filter

Click OK on the Advanced Find window, and then click OK on the configure window.

Now when you execute a Show All or a simple find on Ministry Position Records, CDM+ will filter the results list and show only those ministry position records where the status is something other than Complete.

CDM+ will indicate that the results have been filtered by displaying the orange Filtered icon in the divider bar between the results and data areas.

Filtered Icon