Email Addresses

All email addresses for a household, regardless of whether they are connected to an individual or to the address, are maintained from the Email tab of either the Address Record or the Individual Record. To add, change, or delete email addresses in the household, first click Change in the sidebar.

Emails Tab for Individual and Address Records

To delete an email address, click the red X next to the address.

Click the at (@) sign to address an email to that email address, either in CDM+ or in your email client program.

To add a new email address, begin by clicking the Add Email Address button in the lower left. Select the email type from the drop down list in the Type column. Email types are defined in the Codes section of the Master Coding System, but new email types can be added by typing them into the Type column.

Enter the email address in the Number/Address column, and enter any notes or additional information about this phone number in the Note column. The Extension column is not used for email addresses.

If this email address should not be widely shared, check the box in the Unlisted column. Reports in CDM+ provide options for how to handle email addresses that have been marked as unlisted. Email addresses marked as unlisted are not displayed with member information in Engage Member.

Use the Individual column to connect this email address to the address record for the household or to one of the individuals within the household. Drop the list in the Individual column and choose an individual name or Address from the list.

Any information for an email address can be changed. For example, an email address can be marked as unlisted, and the assignment of the address can be changed to a different individual or to the household's address record.