Using Minister Association

Submitted by Dean Phelps on Mon, 02/12/2018 - 19:12

The Minister Association utility in the Disciples Regional version of CDM+ provides the tool for connecting the individual records in a regional CDM+ database with their corresponding minister records in the general CDM+ database at Disciples Home Missions (DHM). It also provides a utility for comparing data between the two databases.

Regions can use the Minister Association Tool:

  • to get a starting point for submitting changes to the minister's directory from CDM+;
  • in preparation for the annual publication of the Ministers Directory in the Year Book and Directory;
  • to connect records for ministers new to the region with the general database minister record.

Starting Minister Association

To launch the Minister Association utility, log into CDM+ and navigate to File > Utilities. Scroll down in the alphabetical list to Minister Association, select it, and click Run Special Function.

Utilities Window in CDM+

Minister Association Window

The data area of the Minister Association window is divided into four quadrants.

  • The top half contains the list of names of those identified as ministers in the region, and the bottom half contains data from each database about the selected minister.
  • The left half contains information from the regional CDM+ database, and the right half contains information from the general database at DHM.

Minister Association Utility Window Contents