CDM+ 10.0.1

Submitted by Alex Clay on Wed, 11/16/2016 - 22:16
Release Date
Wed, 11/16/2016

CDM+ 10.0 does not work with the Check Image Scanner on Windows. We're working on a fix and will update this page as soon as one is available. If you rely on the Check Image Scanner and use Windows, please hold off on updating to CDM+ 10.0 until this issue is resolved.

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Before installing CDM+ 10.0

Backup your data

Back all databases that will be updated to CDM+ 10.0. If you're on Data Hosting you can contact support to make a backup or simply rely on the nightly backup.

Ensure all computers that will run CDM+ 10.0 meet the system requirements

Please note that Windows XP, Windows Vista, and macOS versions prior to 10.9 are NOT supported.

Install CDM+ Mobile 1.8

CDM+ Mobile 1.8 is required to access CDM+ 10.0 databases.

Review the list of outstanding issues

Please see the full release notes below for what's changed in CDM+ 10.

The check image scanner does not function properly on Windows.

CDM+ 10.0 will not install on Windows Server 2008 (Windows Server 2008r2 is not affected).

CDM+ 10.0 will not print to Dymo label printers on macOS.

When selecting an item from a drop list CDM+ 10.0 can crash under 64-bit Windows if the system font size is set greater than 100%. As a workaround, set the system font size to 100%.

If using a non-standard Windows theme some windows can appear with truncated content. As a workaround, use a standard theme.

For macOS users, clicking Load Defaults or loading a report setup after previewing a report will close the report window. When refreshing a report after previewing a report the report window will briefly disappear.

On macOS and Windows, dotted lines will not print on reports. Adding images to a custom report, such as name badges or check setups, may not add the image properly.

For macOS users, these paths will need to be manually updated:

  • Saved notice attachment paths
  • The default ACH directory

The last login on Mobile Provisions isn't updating when someone logs in.

Some icons still need to be updated.


Download and install CDM+ using the links above. This will remove CDM+ 9 from your computer. Open CDM+ 10.0 and update your database, then begin using CDM+ normally.

You will need to run the CDM+ installer on all computers using CDM+. The database update will only be run once.

Release Notes for CDM+ 10.0.1


  • CDM-3299 Bug - Address Line 3 is not printing on Accounting/Payroll Checks with 'Written To & Address' field

Accounts Payable

  • CDM-3545 Bug - Multi-add AP Invoices does not set cursor in Payee field after entering first invoice
  • CDM-3584 Bug - Vendor Records doesn't gracefully handle a SQL error


  • CDM-3596 Bug - Visitor records won't accept new other phone numbers and email addresses


  • CDM-3598 Bug - CICO limited user is not adhering to the permission settings for membership


  • CDM-3602 Story - URL encode password being sent to Ferret


  • CDM-1118 Bug - Changing the breakdown on a posted contribution that results in an error is not handled gracefully
  • CDM-1610 Bug - Deleting a batch and retaining its contribution does not clear the link to the batch
  • CDM-1611 Bug - The program does not gracefully recover when there is an error saving contributions
  • CDM-3100 Bug - The program does not gracefully handle an error with invalid email addresses when saving changes on Giving Unit Records

DOC Ministers

  • CDM-2879 Bug - The professional code drop list on DOC Ministers only shows 5 lines
  • CDM-3442 Bug - The first field with focus on DOC Ministers in the DOC General version is not correct
  • CDM-3499 Bug - Setting the standing code or professional code on DOC ministers doesn't set the ID column
  • CDM-3651 Bug - Updating to CDM+ 10.0 can replace the ordination region field in DOC Regional databases
  • CDM-2778 Story - Add Address Line 3 to DOC Ministers
  • CDM-3418 Story - Allow selecting specific contact information on regional positions


  • CDM-2419 Bug - CDM+ doesn't gracefully handle an error when saving Church Positions on Individual Records


  • CDM-3582 Bug - During the installation process on Windows the text [Product Name] appears in several places
  • CDM-3654 Story - Don't allow prerequisites to reboot the machine during installation


  • CDM-3667 Story - Enable access to investments for UID 9566

Media Ministry

  • CDM-3577 Bug - Printing Media Ministry labels can produce a SQL error


  • CDM-925 Bug - Fields on the Yearbook Directory don't include Address Line 3
  • CDM-2606 Bug - Line numbers show as '1' for all records when 'Do Not Page by Code' is not selected
  • CDM-2746 Bug - The program does not gracefully handle errors that occur when saving changes to an Individual's Giving Units
  • CDM-3552 Bug - Leader, Location, etc information is not printing on Individual Directory

MinPro PDF Server

  • CDM-3564 Story - Update the Omnis profile reports for the 2016 changes

Mobile Provisioning

  • CDM-3640 Bug - The API can generate a SQL error trying to insert a web provision if there is a mobile provision with a blank description


  • CDM-3603 Bug - Certain email notices are truncated when sent


  • CDM-940 Bug - The program does not gracefully recover when there is an error saving employee information
  • CDM-3295 Story - Create a payroll.check entry for payrolls that do not have time off

Record Frame

  • CDM-3607 Bug - Record Frame panes do not redraw/reload correctly after deleting a record.

Search and Call

  • CDM-3467 Bug - Text entered in the Notes field on the Summary tab of the Minister Record is not being saved
  • CDM-3573 Bug - The Minister Profile report has overlapping and cut-off text
  • CDM-3693 Bug - Some responses for Areas of Ministerial Practice are not showing up on 2013 version profile pdf
  • CDM-3565 Story - Add Address Line 3 to the Profile report
  • CDM-3589 Story - Add Address line 3 to sac2013.references

User Customizations

  • CDM-3019 Story - UID 12763 Statement of Activity Adjustments