CDM+ 10.0 Server Setup

Submitted by Terry Hatmaker on Tue, 10/11/2016 - 09:03
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Wed, 10/12/2016

Server Setup

Follow these instructions even if you are installing CDM+ 10.0 on only one computer. If you only use CDM+ on one computer, that computer is considered both the server (the computer that has your data on it) and the client. You can ignore any instructions regarding additional client computers.

If you already have CDM+ 10.0 installed in your office and wish to install on another computer, follow the instructions in the Client Setup section.

Click here for Systems Requirements for CDM+ 10.0. Make sure ALL computers running CDM+ meet these requirements.

For either Windows or Macintosh:

  1. Begin by installing and launching CDM+ 10.0 on your server as outlined in the Program Installation instructions.
  2. The setup assistant welcome screen will appear. Click Continue.





  1. CDM+ will ask you to choose an option to configure your copy of CDM+. Only the first 3 options would apply to a new user of CDM+.




Create a new, empty database - Choose this option UNLESS you have enrolled in the CDM+ Data Hosting service or had Suran staff convert data for use in CDM+. Click Continue and proceed to Step 4.












Use an existing CDM+ database - Choose this option if you have enrolled in the CDM+ Data Hosting Service.








Click Continue. Select Use CDM+ Hosting on the next window and enter the User ID and Password emailed to you. 








Click Continue. Setup is complete and the Login window will open. You may login as the Administrator with the default password of "master" (no quotation marks).








We strongly suggest you change the Administrator password from the default (click the small Change button next to the Password field on the Log In window).




If you contracted with Suran to convert data for use in CDM+, you will see your information. If not, this is a blank, empty database ready for you to begin inputting data. If you wish to install CDM+ on additional computers see the CDM+ 10.0 Client Setup and follow the instructions for users of the CDM+ Data Hosting service, otherwise, you may begin using CDM+.








Restore a CDM+ backup - Choose this option if you had CDM+ staff convert data for use on your local server.








You should have received email instructions to download and save the database backup to the computer that will be the CDM+ database server. Click Continue, choose the database backup you previously saved and click Open. Setup is complete and you may login as the Administrator with the default password of "master" (no quotation marks). We strongly suggest you change the Administrator password from the default (click the small Change button next to the Password field on the Log In window).








Try the full-featured CDM+ demo for free - Choosing this option will connect you to a CDM+ demo database. Even if you have a CDM+ database, you can return to the Setup Assistant and choose this option at any time. Some users find it helpful to use the CDM+ demo when training new staff. 








  1. Enter Serial Number: Only if you are creating a new, empty CDM+ database (no converted data, no template, no initial enrollment in CDM+ Data Hosting Service) you will need to enter the Serial Number you were given when purchasing CDM+. Your serial number will be in the email you received with download instructions. If you cannot locate your serial number, contact our Customer Service department at 800-633-9581.








The easiest and most accurate way to enter your serial number is to copy it from the e-mail you received and paste it into the first serial number box. CDM+ will automatically fill in the serial number. If you manually enter it, you do not need to type the dashes and it is not necessary to capitalize the letters. CDM+ will automatically capitalize letters and move to the next field for each set of characters.




Click Continue again.












At this point, if you are currently enrolled in either the free 90-days-from-date-of-purchase CDM+ New Program Support or the CDM+ Premier Support plan and have an active Internet connection, your copy of CDM+ should activate automatically. If you are unable to connect to the Internet or your copy of CDM+ cannot be identified by the activation server, you will need to call CDM+ Customer Service at 800-633-9581 for an activation code that you can enter manually. For more information about the CDM+ activation system, see the Activation FAQs page.












  1. Enter your church's or organization's name, address, phone number, website or email address, etc. This information will (optionally) appear on the top of reports generated from CDM+. You will be able to change it at any time through System Preferences. Click Continue again.
  2. Each person using CDM+ should have his/her own password. CDM+ allows you to customize your workspace through preferences, saved report format settings, and menu and window appearance-all of which is tied to your specific user account.








Among the users in an office, at least one person must be an Administrator, which means she/he is authorized to access User Management where all users' names, passwords, and access settings are established and maintained. During the setup process you must enter an Administrator's name and password. After completing the administrator's user information, click Continue.




  1. Next tell CDM+ where you would like to keep your data.








On this computer








Choose this option to install a database on this computer. This may be either the only computer on which you install and use CDM+ or it may be the network database server. Click Continue.




- OR -




On another computer (such as with CDM+ Hosting)








Choose this option ONLY if you enrolled in the CDM+ Data Hosting Service and need to create an additional database. Your initial hosted database will be created by Suran staff when you purchase the software (see Step 3 above). Click Continue.




Click the radio button next to Use CDM+ Hosting and enter the User ID and Data Hosting Password given to you by CDM+ and click Continue. Your CDM+ database will be installed on a CDM+ Hosting Server.












If you are not sure of which database server option to choose, contact CDM+ Technical Support for help. Call 800-633-9581 Monday-Friday 8:30 AM-6:00 PM Eastern time.




  1. Click Continue and click Finish on the next window to complete the installation process.




  1. When the Setup Assistant is finished, the CDM+ Login window will display. You may select your user (or enter your user name), enter your password and click Log In.








  1. NOTE: If you are using CDM+ on only one computer, you are finished with the installation/setup process.




If you want to have CDM+ loaded on additional computers, continue with the steps below before moving to the Client Setup instructions.




  1. If you will be installing CDM+ on client machines that access the database you just installed, you need to take note of the IP address of the server.








Select About CDM+ from the File (Windows) or CDM+ (Mac) menu.








Click the System Information tab. Make a note of the IP address displayed. You will need it when installing CDM+ 10.0 on the client machines on your network. Click here to move to the Client Setup instruction page.




If you experience difficulties while setting up CDM+, call the CDM+ Technical Support staff at 800-633-9581 Monday-Friday, 8:30 AM-6:00 PM Eastern time for assistance.