Report Output

You have access to several report output options directly from the Report Setup/Preview window.

Report Output Options


Clicking on the icons in the top left corner of the window will perform the following functions (left to right):

  • Print – Click to send the report to the printer.
  • Page – Click to send only the page showing in the Preview screen to the printer.
  • PDF – Click to save the report as a PDF file (See the PDF section below).
  • Text File – Click to save the report as a .txt Text File (See the Text File section below).
  • Clipboard – Click to save the report to the Clipboard (See the Clipboard section below).
  • Screen – Click to send the report to the printer (See the Screen section below).


More about Report Output Formats:

PDF:  To save the report as a PDF file, select PDF. Give the file a name, such as FCC Directory, browse to select the desired location and click Save. This file format can opened by Adobe® Reader®, Adobe Acrobat®, Preview (Mac only) or any other program capable of rendering a PDF file. A PDF file preserves all your formatting of the report, including fonts, regardless of whether the computer it is opened on has that font file or not. This makes the PDF report option ideal for distributing reports via email to board or committee members.

Text File:  To save the report to a plain text file (.txt) that can be opened by any program that can read a tab-delimited format (such as a word processor or spreadsheet), click the Text File icon on the report window and click OK. Give the file a name, browse to select the desired location and click Save. This option preserves the original columns and spacing.

Clipboard:  To save the entire report to the clipboard for copying and pasting directly into a document, select Clipboard and click OK. Screen:  Select Screen and click OK to open a new screen and display the report. From the screen report other print options can be accessed directly using the icons in the upper left corner of the window.


Copying a Portion of a CDM+ Report

If you wish to only copy a portion of a report, first send it to the screen. Then drag your mouse to select the desired area of the report and copy it

Copying a portion of a report

  Then paste it in another program such as Excel, as shown below.


Portion of a report pasted in Excel