The items on the General tab of the System Preferences window are not specific to any one CDM+ program or sub-program. They affect the overall look and performance of CDM+.


Enter or change your church’s or organization’s name, address, phone number or any other information here that you would like to (optionally) display at the top of reports.


This pane of the General System Preferences allows you to rename some of the default terms used in CDM+. For example, if you prefer to use the term "Donation" instead of the default "Contribution", highlight Contribution in the Your Term column and type Donation. 

Note: CDM+ will make the term plural when appropriate; always enter a singular term.

Sys. E-Mail

Here you set preferences related to emailing from within CDM+.

Click on the SMTP Settings tab and then the Manage SMTP Servers button to open the SMTP Server Settings window. You must Add a SMTP Server in order to send email from CDM+.

System Preferences SysEmail SMTP Server Settings

Click on the Additional Staff Address tab enter the email addresses of staff members; by default outgoing email notices will be sent to these addresses. You can edit the list at the time you send an email.

If the staff person you wish to add to the list has an Individual Record in CDM+ Membership, you can add him/her by clicking the Select Individual button.

Highlight the person in the list on the Select Individual window and click OK. The Additional Staff Addresses list will now indicate that the email address is pulled from the Individual's record. In this way, notices will always be send to the current email address on the Individual Record.

A default privacy notice may be added under the Privacy Notice tab that will append to the end of outgoing emails. You can edit this privacy notice just prior to sending an email if you desire.


Here you set the system-wide format of Dates as they appear on CDM+ windows (The date format on reports is set individually on the General tab of the report setup window.), Time(s) and Phone numbers. Clicking the Reformat Existing Phones button will change all phone numbers on CDM+ record windows to the specified format.


Click the appropriate radio button to choose the Login window formatting to either display a list of users or to require users to enter their usernames in addition to passwords. See Administration-Users in the Administrative Tools section of this manual for more information.


This feature allows you to schedule a time at which all copies of CDM+ using the database will be shutdown. No more wondering whether all users have shutdown CDM+ before leaving the office! This could be of real benefit if you have a system backup scheduled to run each night on your computer or server.


The settings on the Advanced pane of the System General Preferences should be changed ONLY under the direction of a CDM+/Suran Systems, Inc. staff person.


The information on this pane of the General System Preferences relates to the Stewardship Technology merchant account used with some CDM+ Web Ministry Tools. If the Use Test Mode checkbox is checked, no actual charges to credit/debit cards can be made.

There is also a field to enter the Asset Account to which money processed through Stewardship Technology should go, as well as "Check settings" buttons to verify that the ST credentials and test credentials work as desired.