Local Office Configuration

Before discussing accessing your CDM+ database from a remote location, it may be helpful to explain how you access your CDM+ database on a local network (LAN) in the office.

CDM+ is made up of two components:
  • the program (CDM+.exe  on Windows or CDM+.app on a Macintosh)
  • the database 

In the diagram below, the Server is the computer that has your CDM+ database on its hard drive. This can either be a dedicated server or it could just be a computer being used by someone in your office.

Additional computers that access your CDM+ Server called Clients. Although the CDM+ Server may have both the database and the program installed, Client computers only have the program installed on them. During setup of CDM+ on a Client computer, you tell the program the IP Address of the Server so it knows where to find the CDM+ database.

In many ways, accessing CDM+ remotely -- that is, from another physical location outside a local network as described above -- works the same way. The client computers still need to know where to find the database. But instead of accessing the Server over Ethernet cables in your office, a client computer will need to use the Internet to access the server.