General User Preferences

The General Preferences tab contains a large number of choices that allow the individual user to customize CDM+ and his or her workspace for maximum efficiency and ease of use.

General Tab of User Preferences Window

Toolbars allows you to select which (if any) toolbars appear when you have the program open. This is particularly useful if  you use primarily one CDM+ program, such as Membership. It is impractical to display all available CDM+ toolbars.

Toolbars can be set to display on any of the four edges of your monitor screen or they can be set to be a floating toolbar or palette, which can be re-sized and repositioned anywhere on your desktop. You may choose to include text descriptions of the toolbar buttons, if you desire.

Examples of Floating Toolbars

All users of CDM+ should click the User E-Mail icon on the General tab and enter his or her individual work email information: his or her name as he or she wishes it to appear on sent emails and his or her email address. SMTP setup is one on the CDM+ System Preferences window. Check Use external email client for single e-mails if you want to send single emails outside of CDM+.  

Menus allows you to modify shortcut key strokes for menu items. These settings are user-specific unless you check the These settings apply for all users box.

Defaults is where you set:
1. which window, if any, to open at startup
2. default paper size
3. default font options

MapQuest contain options related to the MapQuest® link which is found on most record windows that contain an address.

Web Update preferences include whether or not CDM+ should check the Web for updates at login. See the section above on Update for more information.

Keyboard allows you to specify whether or not the Enter key on the keypad should behave like the Tab key in certain data entry windows.

Advanced contains options that CDM+ Technical Support may direct you to use. It is recommended that you do not adjust these settings unless doing so at the direction of tech support.