Using Related Records



Related Records is a powerful feature in CDM+ that allows you to combine finds from multiple areas of CDM+ in one master search. For example, you can use the Primary Record find to identify a group of individuals based on individual and address information, such as, Age is between 18 and 35 and living in Big City. The Related Records find allows you to further narrow this search to those who, for example, attended this month—or have a pledge, or are signed up for an upcoming retreat. In addition, related records allow you execute precise finds on Other Information values and Other Phones Numbers/E-Mail Addresses.

To use the Related Record find, you add it from the Related Records tab. Click Add  Related Record  and a window will appear listing the available related records. You can add multiple related record finds to an Advanced Find, but you can only add a given related record twice—once with the “With Matching” option and once with the “Without Matching” option (see below for information on the “With Matching” and “Without Matching” options).

Related Record finds are linked to the Primary Record find in one of two ways—”with matching” or “without matching.” Consider a Primary Record of people who are between 18 and 35 and live in Big City and a Related Record find of people who attended in February 2006. By choosing the “with matching” option, you indicate you want to find people aged 18-35 who live in Big City and also attended in February. If you choose “without matching,” you will find people between 18 and 35 who live in Big City but who are without any attendance records for February. Because CDM+ allows you to add a Related Records find twice (once using each option), you could find individuals who attended during February this year, but not during February last year.  

Specify the “with matching” or “without matching” option when adding the related record find by using the radio buttons.

Once you’ve added a related record find, you can toggle its matching option by double-clicking it in the related record finds list. The selected option for a related record appears as a plus “+” for “with matching” and minus “-“ for “without matching” in the related record finds list.

The selected option also appears above the related record find itself.

To remove a related record find, select it and click Remove. To clear a related record find, select it and click Clear Only the selected find will be cleared. Clicking Clear All will remove all related record finds.