Find Interfaces

Depending on the type of Field you selected for your Find, one of several interfaces will appear in the Criteria field. 

Date fields include a desk calendar icon  to allow date selection via the mouse.

Clicking the (optional) Include time checkbox before clicking on the calendar icon allows you to select both time and date.

Partial Date fields – CDM+ offers a number of partial date fields, useful when not all parts of a date—month, day, year—are known or are important. For example, when conducting a find to determine which church members have a March birthday, you do not need to know either the day of the month or the year of birth. For a partial date find, enter only the parts of the date on which you’d like to find. 

Time – The time find interface simplifies finding a time. Up and down arrows for hour, minute and AM/PM allow you to select the time via the mouse, or you can simply type in the time.

List – The list interface appears for many types of fields throughout the family of CDM+ programs. When you select a field that uses this list interface, a pencil/list icon appears. The entry field is no longer enterable, but instead you click the list icon to display a check list of available items. Click any number of the checkboxes (or All to select all items or None to clear the list) and click OK. The field will now display the number of items you’ve selected for the list, or the name of a single item if you only choose one.