The Primary Record

A find consists of a collection of search lines and sub-groups. The simplest find involves one search line. Consider "Last name begins with C" as an example. More complex searches involve many search lines and multiple levels of nested sub-groups.

However, even complex searches are easy to understand when broken down into manageable pieces. Sub-groups contain a collection of search lines and other sub groups, and each sub-group is, in essence, treated like a search line. This is explained in more detail later in this document.

To create a search line, select a find field, choose a modifier and enter some criteria. In the example "Last Name begins with C", Last Name is the find field, begins with is the modifier, and C is the criterion.

To add another search line, press tab from the criteria field (or modifier field if you can't enter the criteria field, such as when using a list find interface). You can also click the button with a plus symbol to add another search line. Additional search lines allow you to become more specific with your find. For example, if "Last Name begins with C" returns 5 families and/or addresses, but you only want to know about those who live in Big City, add another search line for City equal to Big City. Now your find will only return those families who also live in Big City.

But, what if you want those families whose last name begins with C or who live in Big City? This is where you need to change the starting comparison for the search. The comparison determines how search lines (and sub-groups—more on that later) are combined to find matching results. If you choose AND, results must match each search line. So, for a record to match this find, the last name would need to end in C AND the family would need to live in Big City. If the starting comparison is OR, then families can either have a last name beginning with C, or live in Big City and they’ll match the find. People who match both search lines will also show up as results.

To toggle the starting comparison, use the drop list at the top of the search to change between AND and OR. As you change the comparison, it will change on the left-hand side of search lines (excluding the first) and in the middle of the Advanced Find before a sub-group.

You can remove a search line by clicking the button with a minus symbol.