User Fields

User Fields codes must be assigned to a set. If you have not added any sets for a record window type, when you add a User Field, it will appear by default in the Loose set. Codes may be moved from one set to another.

To add a code, click to highlight the appropriate set on the left -- either a set you have created or the default Loose set for the record window type on which you want these codes to display. Then click the small Add User Field button at the bottom of the User Fields code list.

Under Details, choose a Type for this code:

  • Text
  • Number (0 decimal places) - input limited to numbers (whole)
  • Number (2 decimal places) - input limited to numbers; will always default to 2 decimal places
  • Yes/No - will display as a checkbox
  • Date - will display as a date field with icon for pop-up calendar
  • Time 
  • Raw Data - allows you to upload & store files such as photos, movies, or scanned documents
  • Web Page (URL) - will create a clickable link to open a web page

Enter a Description for the Code. Click Save or, to enter multiple codes in one session, press the Tab key to continue adding codes.

Examples of uses of User Fields codes:

  • Address Text field – Comments; or Diocesan/Regional code
  • Address Web page – Family Web Page
  • Individual text field – Medical Info (Allergies to food or medicine; medical conditions)
  • Individual Raw Data field –  Scanned Trip Permission Form
  • Individual Date field – High School graduation; or College graduation; or Completed training


Changing, Deleting or Moving User Fields Codes

To change a code description, highlight it and type. To delete a code, click on the small red X next to it.

To move an existing User Field code to a different set, click it once to highlight in the list of User Fields, then click the Move To Set button in the Details section. Choose the new set from the pop-up list and click Save.

Note: You may only move Users Fields within the same record window type, as shown in the Program column. 

Click on Save when you are finished adding, changing, deleting or moving a User Fields code. Saved changes will be reflected in CDM+.